Jackson Hole, Wyoming - YEE HAW!

June 30 2009 by Claudia Kunkel

Tetons 200.jpgJackson Hole, Wyoming. If you haven't been, this really needs to be on your "places to see before you die" list because it really is one of the most beautiful places on earth...at least it is to me.
As you may or may not know, Jackson Hole is actually the ski resort located 12 miles outside of the town of Jackson and many people mistakenly refer to the town as Jackson Hole. However you care to refer to the area, it still remains a great summer escape to experience what the valley surrounding Teton County, Wyoming has to offer.

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Packing Light When You're Traveling with Kids (Yes! It's Possible)

June 30 2009 by Amy Graff
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Kid Traveling 200.jpgI remember the first time I traveled alone on a plane with both of my kids. My daughter was a toddler and my son a baby--and somehow I lugged a stroller, two car seats, a portable crib, a backpack carry-on and two rolling suitcases from the departures curb, where a taxi had dropped us off, to the ticket counter.

I attached one of the car seats onto my backpack while I carried my son in a front-carrier on my chest. I pushed the porta-crib and the other car seat in the stroller with one hand, and pulled the suitcase with the other hand. My 2-year-old daughter rolled the second suitcase.

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Where's the Fire(works)?

June 29 2009 by Mike Mason

Fireworks 200.jpgPop. Boom. Bang.

Every community, large and small, seems to have their own fireworks tradition. Some our slick, choreographed events, timed to music and others are just plain old-fashion pop and bang affairs. Either way, fireworks are fireworks and have a great way of reminding us of the joy of simple things (not trying to suggest that putting on an elaborate pyrotechnic display filled with enough explosives to do real harm if improperly executed is a simple affair, but the watching part is pretty easy). So, wherever you find yourself this July 4, take time to find a fireworks display. My guess is there is one near you. If you are looking for a big-time celebration, here are a few that will not disappoint.

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Gone But Never Forgotten

June 27 2009 by Sam Lowe

blog 15 200.jpg Although not a big Civil War buff, I do seek out battlefields from that conflict whenever there's one nearby. So it was fortunate that I was in Prince William County, Va., recently because the first major battle of the war occurred there. On July 21, 1861, enthusiastic volunteers in colorful uniforms representing both the Union and Confederacy took up positions on the rolling hills near the small town of Manassas.

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Riding the Web

June 27 2009 by Jason Fogelson

Motorcycle 200.jpgWe can't be on our bikes all of the time. In fact, you're in front of your computer right now, aren't you?

The website has replaced the workbench as the prime location for exchanging motorcycle stories, travel tales and bike knowledge. Think of your computer as an extension of your garage - a place to work on your bike, hang around with friends and waste a lot of time chatting about trips you want to take on your motorcycle.

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Canada Day - The Perfect Opportunity for a Short Getaway

June 26 2009 by Bryson Forbes

Canada 200.jpgJuly 1st marks the 142nd birthday of our great nation and for you a great chance for a short, fun getaway. This year Canada Day falls on Wednesday, at first blush this seems kind of disappointing, but if you reframe it, it provides a perfect chance to get a five-day mini-holiday and only cost you two days vacation.

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Where Old News is Still Big News

June 26 2009 by Sam Lowe

blog 13 photo Small.jpgMy 40-plus years as a newspaper reporter played a big part in my desire to tour the Newseum, a new exhibition hall located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street N.W., between the White House and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. I was a bit hesitant at first, unsure of what to look for because the media aren't normally subjects for a museum. But what I found went far beyond my expectations.

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Travelers Trends

June 24 2009 by Bryson Forbes

Luggage 200.jpgI was very fortunate to have been able to participate in Canada's Leisure Travel Summit, hosted by Best Western on June the 9th in Toronto. The event brought together some leading executives from the travel industry to discuss current issues and trends.

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The Wonderful World of Wi-Fi?

June 24 2009 by Chris McGinnis

Laptop 200.jpgI've just returned from my first transcontinental flight equipped with in-flight Internet access.

And I loved it.

I loved being able to stay on top of my emails in real time during the 4-5 hour flight. No email box to clean up at the end of a long day in the air. I read The Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle online, even though I had a hard copy in my carry-on. I was able to track my flight on a flightstats.com map to verify which cities, rivers and mountain ranges we were flying over. I passed some time on Twitter and Facebook reviewing videos and photos with my family and friends.

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Budget Travel Tip #1: Collect Pressed Pennies

June 22 2009 by Amy Graff
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disney-pressed-penny-dl0022.jpgPressed pennies--could there be a better souvenir for penny-pinching travelers? These coins that are flattened and imprinted by special machines cost about four quarters and one penny. And they certainly fit into anyone's suitcase. You won't be paying a fee for your extra heavy suitcase filled with your pressed penny collection.

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Dogs Love Car Rides, Right?

June 21 2009 by Casey Bower
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Dog 200.jpgTruth is, most dogs do well with cars... but not all dogs. My dog used to be a terror on wheels, he hated the car. Every time we would get in he would do everything that he could to clamor his way from the backseat to the front and sit on my lap while I drove. He would be shaking with fear and not very excited about the objects flying by. At first, I thought that his sitting in my lap was cute, but once he grew and gained some weight, not so cute!

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The Haunting Faces of War

June 20 2009 by Sam Lowe

blog 14 photo 200.jpgThree memorials at west end of the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., have had a long-lasting effect on me. I had seen a multitude of photos and countless numbers of television clips about them, but it wasn't until I approached them in person that they had their intended impact, just as they do to most others who visit there.

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Tell Us Your Daydream Summer Travel Destination (and Enter to Win a $100 Travel Card)!

June 19 2009 by BW Innsider
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Dream.jpgWe are all guilty of it; we daydream of sunny beaches, tranquil forests, or exotic locales when we really should be paying attention in that meeting. But what are the places we are all daydreaming to visit? Tell us your summer travel daydream destination and enter for a chance to win a $100 Best Western Travel Card.

To submit your Daydream Summer Travel Destination (and at the same time enter for a chance to win a $100 Best Western Travel Card® ), select the Comment button and enter in your response to the question, "What summer travel destination are you daydreaming of visiting?" Once you enter a comment you are entered into a random drawing for one commenter to win a $100 Best Western Travel Card!

In addition, get an extra entry into the contest for adding this blog post to another site (track back). Copy and paste the URL under the Trackbacks section to add this post to your blog.

The contest promotion ends on July 13, so submit your travel ideas today.

My Personal Favorites

June 19 2009 by Chris McGinnis
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Blog 200.jpgHave you harnessed the power of the blogosphere to make life on the road better? If you're reading this blog, you're well on your way. If you'd like to dig in a little bit deeper, check out the following blogs that I read at least once a week to keep me abreast of what's happening in the big wide world of business travel. They can help you, too.

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Travel Etiquette: Five Things Parents Need to Know

June 18 2009 by Amy Graff

Baby 200.jpgI have lugged my kids across the globe, from Paris to Bali, to Seattle and even Washington, D.C. Along the way, I know that our little family unit has irked other travelers. My son once accidentally spilled a cup of orange juice on the lady sitting next to him on the plane, and when my daughter was a colicky baby, she spent an entire night screaming in a hotel room. But while my kids are occasionally nuisances (aren't we all at times?), I always make sure that we are on our best behavior and do everything possible to not disturb others. Here are five things I have learned while traveling with my kids that all families should know.

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Burning Up the Track

June 17 2009 by BW Innsider

Race Track 200.jpgThe saying goes 'When you're good, you're good'. And right now, Best Western Sponsored driver David Reutimann is good.

Over the course of this season in the 00 Toyota, Reutimann has captured two poles, three top 5 finishes, and notched the first win of his Sprint Cup career. The 09 season started out strong for David, scoring 12th place at the Daytona 500. He followed it up two weeks later with a 4th place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the Shelby 427. David rolled through the next several weeks with a series of strong finishes before captured his first win at the rain soaked Coca-Cola 600.

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Trippin' Deal: Stay Twice and Earn a Free Night!

June 16 2009 by BW Innsider

BW-13603-1 284x208_v1.jpgThere is no better way to start the summer season than getting an amazing travel deal. Get a FREE NIGHT and a JONAS pack when you stay twice between June 21 and August 16. With a free night, you can make sure to take an extra getaway this summer.

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Americade - The World's Largest Multi-Brand Touring Rally

June 16 2009 by Jason Fogelson

Bikes 200.jpgForget everything that you think you know about motorcycle rallies. Erase the images of drunken bikers rampaging through town, terrorizing the locals and leaving chaos in their wake.

Replace those images with friendly, considerate motorcyclists, gathering in a beautiful corner of the world to share a common interest, socialize, celebrate and (gasp!) learn. That's Americade, billed as "the world's largest multi-brand touring rally."

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Beach Blanket Bingo - What to do when you get there?

June 15 2009 by Julie Drossos

beach 200.jpgThe days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer. I'm seeing more people out being active - running and cycling - and hearing more and more talk of going to the gym and hitting the spray-tan salons... this must mean that beach season is upon us!

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Carlsbad Caverns National Park

June 12 2009 by Sam Lowe

Cavern.jpgThere are two ways to reach the bottom at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southeastern New Mexico. The more venturesome may choose to walk the Natural Entrance Route. This option is not recommended for the pot-of-belly or the weak-of-knee because it's about a mile long and it's all downhill getting there and all uphill getting back.

But people my age can take the elevator, an experience unto itself. It's old (installed in 1931), it goes deep (750 feet one way which makes it the longest elevator ride in the state), and it travels at the rate of 9 miles per hour (definitely not express speed but considerably faster than hiking the Natural Entrance Route).

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Will Travel for Golf....

June 11 2009 by Bryson Forbes
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iStock_Mountain 200.jpgAs a golfer and someone who has been closely associated with travel industry for more than a decade, I have organized, attended and read about lots of golf getaways. But last week, I attended the best mini-golf trip ever, bar none. If you are a golfer you need to rally the troops and pull one of these together.

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Trippin' Deal: Countdown to Summer Savings!

June 9 2009 by BW Innsider

alarmclock.jpgThis week on bestwestern.com, extra great travel deals will be available, but only from 12pm EDT - 4pm EDT.

The travel can take place anytime this year, though prepayment is required to get the low rates. Make sure to set your alarm for noon EDT and check out the savings that everyone is talking about.

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Deadwood, South Dakota

June 9 2009 by Claudia Kunkel

Deadwood.jpgIf history happens to be your thing, you really need to put Deadwood, South Dakota on your radar. The entire city is on the National Historic Landmark District. Not to mention that the town's early history is the storyline for the HBO TV series "Deadwood". Not one to confuse fact with fiction, I decided to look into Deadwood and its past as well as the present. What I found was a great destination spot with plenty to do for the whole family.

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Four Fun Father's Day Getaways

June 8 2009 by Amy Graff

Father-Song-Fishing.jpgPity the dad who opens his Father's Day gift to find a pinstripe shirt or a box of golf balls. Why not surprise the man of the house with a weekend getaway the entire family can enjoy? Here are a few ideas for travel adventures geared to dad.

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Bye, Bye Restrictions: Travel to Mexico is Back On

June 5 2009 by Casey Bower
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MexicoRockArchCabo.jpgHave you been putting off that much needed trip to Mexico where countless beach destinations and a culture rich in history is just waiting to be explored? Well, the waiting is over. On May 15, the U.S. Department of State and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted the warning against non-essential travel to Mexico due to the swine flu outbreak.

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Summer Survival

June 4 2009 by Chris McGinnis
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Busy-Beach.jpgAs I've said before, don't think for a minute that this summer is going to be much different from others when peak vacation kicks in later this month. Despite the struggling economy, millions of Americans will still be hitting the roads and skies this summer.

During the next three months, business travelers will be sharing their quarters with vacationers eager to have fun. While the latter is focused on the beach, the pool and the family, your focus will likely be on the deal you've got to clinch tomorrow, your important conference call or the speech you're about to give.

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Shark Bait

June 2 2009 by Mike Mason
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SharkBait1.jpgI wouldn't refer to myself as an extremely adventurous person. Sure, I like an occasional adrenaline rush as much as the next guy, but when planning my vacations, they usually don't involve a slate of extreme activities. I go on vacation, first and foremost, to relax. So, on my first trip to Hawaii, a member of my family suggested I try something out of my comfort zone (and frankly a bit scary). They suggested I arrange an outing to swim with the sharks. Along with the tourist musts for Hawaii, like lazing on the beaches, taking in the beauty of the islands and sampling a luau, it was a bit unsettling to sign up for an activity that also shares a phrase used by movie gangsters.

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Yellowstone National Park

June 1 2009 by Claudia Kunkel

Old Fiathful.jpgTo coin Alice Cooper, "school's out for summer". This is still my favorite time of the year when families start to plan their escape from their everyday routine. Ours was no different, and it seemed like every summer our family car headed the same way- to Yellowstone and no one complained that we were going back to the same place we'd been so many times before. We loved it! Then when our children were old enough to stand the car ride, our family van headed off in the same direction. I couldn't wait to share the thrill of experiencing Yellowstone with our girls. So, here are a few facts about the park as well as a few of my favorite sights around the park that shouldn't be missed.

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