A Sure Cure for the Hungries

January 31 2013 by Sam Lowe
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eat.jpgOccasionally, there arises a need to just go out and try something different. Like eating in a dozen restaurants in a single day. Fortunately for our waistlines, such urges are easily controlled. But if the yen persists, here are a couple of eat-a-thon suggestions in Arizona.

First, the Salsa Trail in the southeastern sector of the state. It is a union of more than a dozen restaurants spread across eight towns in three counties. Each establishment is family-owned and all feature Mexican food, from tacos, tamales, chips, dips, burritos, enchiladas and specialties designed to bring customers back for more. They all make their own salsas and sauces, which range in intensity from mild to "bring on the antacids and be quick about it!"

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5 Quick Travel Questions - pass it on!

January 30 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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think.jpgI have been writing for the Best Western travel blog for four years now and we have covered an array of topics, destinations and trends. I have reported on the business and leisure categories in Canada and quoted some industry experts along the way. Today, however, I thought I 'd change it up, it may be the fact I am at home on the couch suffering through day two of a flu bug that the minus twenty five degree weather has so graciously brought us this week, but here it goes! I thought we could learn and share our quick travel recommendations and stories and then pass them on. Can this go viral! Help us out!

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If You Could Spend A Romantic Weekend Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

January 28 2013 by BW Innsider
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Italy 1.jpgTell Us and Enter for a Chance to Win a $250 Best Western Travel Card!

If you had your pick to spend a romantic weekend in anyplace in the world, where would it be? It might be a place that is special to you and a loved one, or perhaps somewhere romantic you've always wanted to travel. Either way, we want you to tell us! Share your perfect romantic travel destination and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 Best Western Travel Card!

Limit one entry per person. Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the US or Canada to be eligible to win. Winner will be randomly selected from all entries posted in the comments below. Winner will be announced via comment post on youmustbetrippin.com after winner is verified. Contest ends Feb 28th.

Motorcycles in the Movies

January 25 2013 by Jason Fogelson

motorcycle movie.jpgMotorcycles have always been the symbol of coolness in the movies and on television. Anyone who has seen Marlon Brando on his Triumph Thunderbird in "The Wild One" (1953) can attest to that. Even when Fonzie was jumping the shark on his Triumph Trophy TR5 in television's "Happy Days," he was still the coolest dude on the screen. Actually, there's some debate about which motorcycle Arthur Fonzarelli rode during the series. Apparently, he switched off from a Harley-Davidson Sportster to a Triumph or maybe even a BSA later in the series. Some claim that he rode a Knucklehead, and not a Sportster. What is true is that Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie, was not a motorcyclist. When filming early scenes, Winkler had to be hounded by the crew when he performed low speed parking lot maneuvers. "Feet on the pegs! Feet on the pegs!" Perhaps they read my blog...

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Creating a Travel Photobook

January 24 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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picture book.jpgI know we are already into 2013 and I have declared my resolutions to get into great shape again and from a travel perspective to get the family signed up for Nexus cards, but I need to add one more, travel photobooks.

A few years ago I was really disciplined about taking the time after a trip to create a photobook online. I actually created four books over a two span from a trip to Arizona to another one at Disneyworld and even a family camp trip. Over the holidays my wife and I pulled out the books and reminisced about the memories, remembering key parts of the trip. It reminded us why we travel in the first place, and the photobooks were convenient and designed in such that way that they really tell the story of that particular trip.

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Greatest Snow on Earth

January 23 2013 by Mike Mason

snow.jpgI have to admit my bias up front. I grew up in Utah, skiing on the Wasatch Mountains most weekends in the winter as a kid. It is really the only skiing I have ever known. So, throwing terms around as it being the best or better than other places, I really don't have a point of reference. But I did grow up with the Utah state tourism motto (and still displayed on many state license plates) "Greatest Snow on Earth". I guess there is a real difference in the snow. I only pick that fact up from qualitative data gathered from many hours of ski lift conversations with people from all over the US and the world. There is something different about it. What exactly?

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A Towering Spectacle

January 18 2013 by Sam Lowe

Devils Tower.jpgIn the beginning, it appeared that my visit to Devils Tower in the spectacular wilds of northern Wyoming was going to be ruined by the inconsiderate driver in front of me, who kept stopping on the road every few yards. Frustrated because I wanted to get to the pinnacle before sunset, I tried patience but when that didn't get the intended results, I honked. Twice.

The offending driver reacted by sticking his arm out the window and pointing to a nearby field. And then I saw the reason - a mother deer and her fawn, nonchalantly enjoying an evening nosh on the forest lawn. I waved a weak apology and stopped to enjoy the unexpected bonus. The tower would be there; the scene in front of us was only temporary.

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Marketing Canada in 2013

January 16 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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canada marketing.jpgI recently spoke with Tony Pollard who is the President of the Hotel Association of Canada and regular panel expert at our Canadian Best Western Travel Summits about the look ahead at 2013 for the hospitality industry. Tony reiterated what he said to me earlier in 2012, he is extremely concerned about a big drop of inbound International travelers to Canada in 2013.

Canada has always enjoyed and benefited from a stellar international reputation as a very safe and welcoming country. Those who have traveled across this majestic country also know how diverse and beautiful each region can be. Our economy has been, for the most part, very stable during a challenging economic time for many countries, especially for parts of Europe and the US, yet our rank as an international destination has steadily declined from a high of 7th in 2002 all the way to 16th. In fact we have dropped behind countries like Mexico, Turkey, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Winter Travel Schedules

January 14 2013 by Chris McGinnis
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snow plane.jpgDid you know that right now... in early January... is the cheapest time of year to travel? We are in the midst of what are known in the industry as "dead weeks" and travel bargains abound.

The dead weeks are a good time for business travelers on a budget to get out there and dig up some new business face-to-face. It's also a great time for leisure travelers with flexible schedules to take advantage of amazingly low rates for quick last minute getaways.

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Share 2013 Travel Resolutions on Facebook & You Could Win 1 Million Rewards Points

January 10 2013 by BW Innsider
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TR.jpgAs you may have noticed, we've been posting here lately about New Year's resolutions related to travel. If you're like us, your travel goals for the year are always ambitious. Best Western now has a Facebook promotion that can help you achieve those ambitious goals, check out the details below!

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Motorcycle Events 2013

January 10 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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motorcycle event.jpgI made a New Year's Resolution this year to plan ahead, and to not miss great motorcycling events. Here's a list of some of the biggest bike events and rallies coming up for this year. It's not too early to start planning now! I'm going to visit BestWestern.com to start booking my hotel rooms before it's too late.

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Get Some Rest - Staying Rejuvenated During Business Travel

January 9 2013 by Claudia Kunkel
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tired traveler.jpgThe holiday season is over and many of us will be back on the road traveling for business. Traveling around holiday time can be stressful and hectic enough, but having to travel extensively right after for "work" is just adding insult to injury! For this reason I've put together a shortlist of some key things you can do to keep yourself as rested and rejuvenated as you possibly can be, amidst your upcoming business travels. These tips are so simple, yet they can make a big difference on the R&R scale, so take note!

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Perfecting Parking Lot Speeds

January 8 2013 by Jason Fogelson

motorcycle parking.jpgI'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret among motorcycle riders. We have all fallen down. I don't mean that we have all crashed our bikes. I mean that every motorcyclist who has put miles on a bike has had a parking lot tip-over at some point in their riding career.

Parking lot incidents are not necessarily dangerous or disastrous. Sometimes they're just embarrassing and inconvenient. And the truth of the matter is that they're not always avoidable. But 99.99% of parking lot tip-overs and low speed accidents can be averted with proper riding technique and practice.

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My Journey through Middle-Earth

January 7 2013 by Mike Mason
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LOTR 2.JPGWith the recently released blockbuster film "The Hobbit", I am reminded of the trip I took to New Zealand a few years ago, a location that was used to film the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. I was there for about a week and was able to travel to different cities on the south island. I explored the city of Christchurch, hiked Fox Glacier, and toured Cadbury World in Dunedin. However, I think the most memorable experience for me was Queenstown. While many partook in more extreme activities in this "Bungee Capital of the World", I opted for the more scenic route and took a Lord of the Rings tour.

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My Motorcycling Year in Review

January 4 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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2013 mototrcycle.jpgThis year, I traveled over 7,500 miles on Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles (not counting the miles I put on my own bike on local trips). I stayed at 34 different Best Western Hotels, including three BEST WESTERN PREMIER locations. And I loved every single minute of it. Every time a trip came to a close, my only thought was, "Where can I ride next?"

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A Few "Travel Resolutions" From Our Bloggers!

January 3 2013 by BW Innsider

2013 travel.jpgCheck out some of our featured blogger's "travel resolutions" for 2013 below. They all share the love of travel and strive to get out and explore as much as they can in the new year. What travel resolutions have you made for 2013?

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New Year's Resolutions That I Intend to Keep

January 2 2013 by Sam Lowe
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2013 resolutions.jpgThis year, I'm going to forget about all those promises I made to lose weight, cut down on ice cream consumption, stop getting upset about the economy, quit hating the New York Yankees and start exercising more. This year, I'm making resolutions that I can actually keep because they're all travel-related and, having reached senior-dom, I am older and wiser now.

To begin with, no more complaining about how gasoline used to cost 25 cents a gallon when I was a kid and 50 cents would buy enough fuel to cruise Main Street for an hour. That ship has sailed and it ain't coming back so quit whining about it.

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What Was Your Travel Related Highlight of 2012?

January 2 2013 by BW Innsider
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beach 1.jpgTell Us and Enter for a Chance to Win a $250 Best Western Travel Card!

What was your favorite travel related moment of 2012? Do you have a particularly funny vacation moment or unforgettable traveling experience from the past year? If so, share your story with us! Tell us about your travel related highlight of 2012 and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 Best Western Travel Card!

Limit one entry per person. Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the US or Canada to be eligible to win. Winner will be randomly selected from all entries posted in the comments below. Winner will be announced via comment post on youmustbetrippin.com and via Facebook/Twitter posts after winner is verified. Contest ends Jan. 31st.