Daytona Bike Week

February 28 2013 by Jason Fogelson

daytona beach.jpgYou know that spring is almost here when it smells like burning rubber in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The first major motorcycle event of the year is on the horizon. Bike Week Daytona Beach roars into town from March 8 to 17, 2013.

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Tips For Seniors On The Go

February 27 2013 by Sam Lowe
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senior map.jpgNow that the years are coming and going at a remarkably rapid pace, I look for items that will give me more time to enjoy my travels by eliminating those little annoyances so common to being on the road.

Here are a few time-savers and frustration-eliminators that have worked for me:

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Chilling In Nevada, Day Four: Tonopah to Las Vegas

February 26 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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LV day 4_7.jpgMorning comes to Tonopah, and the temperatures are still well below freezing. I bide my time by lingering in the warm, friendly breakfast room off of the lobby at the BEST WESTERN Hi-Desert Inn. Eggs and sausages, yum.

By 10:00, the thermometer has crept up into the low 30s, and I determine that it is safe to ride again. I say my goodbyes to the Tonopah crew, bundle up and roar out of town, back south on US-95.

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Two Brothers Caring for Guests and the Environment

February 26 2013 by BW Innsider
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Our latest edition of the Best Western Indie Films series follows the story of two brothers who make caring for guests and caring for the environment an essential part of their hotel's philosophy. Andre and Daniel Nadeau carry on the mission of their father as they lead the way in energy conservation at their hotel in Quebec.

Every hotel has its own story, take some time to get to know Andre and Daniel Nadeau and their hotel.

Vacation Citation

February 26 2013 by BW Innsider

VC.jpgHave you been working day and night? Do you feel drained and crave that elusive vacation? You're not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey, Americans on average left 9.2 vacation days unused at the end of 2012.

But, we have a solution!

Issue a vacation citation to your family and friends via Best Western's Facebook page and you can be entered for a chance to win your dream vacation. Plus, you can accelerate earning a free night towards a vacation by simply staying with Best Western 3 separate times during Best Western's spring promotion.

Excessive work, overdue getaway, expired vacation excuses? Issue a vacation citation.

Best Western Rewards is pinning a badge to your chest and giving you the authority to cite your friends and family for their scheduling misdoings. Whoever you end up citing, every day that you send a notice you will be entered to win that dream vacation. So, take the law into your own hands and set your friends and family free by sentencing them to a much-needed vacation. Best Western Rewards might just award you with a free dream vacation of your own.

A Passion for Travel - Spain and Portugal

February 21 2013 by Claudia Kunkel
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Seville.jpgThey say everyone should have a passion and I agree. My passion is and always has been travel - a need to keep moving, exploring and experiencing everything this planet has to offer. This past year my husband and I set our sights set on visiting the Iberian Peninsula of Portugal and the beautiful White Hill Towns of Andalusia in Spain.

We were anxious to see the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, sample their exquisite Port and ride the ancient trams up the daunting hillsides. A short train ride outside Lisbon took us to the charming village of Sintra where we wandered through the fairy-tale castle of Pena Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Chilling In Nevada, Day Three: Las Vegas to ?

February 21 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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LV day 3 7.jpgI'm all packed and ready to go. I study my weather apps and my maps. I'm planning to ride to Carson City today. There's pretty much one route available -- US-95 North, through the desert along the Nevada/California border and the east edge of Death Valley. I can't ride any further east -- that's where all that nuclear testing took place back in the day, along with Nellis Air Force Rage. No public roads available -- and I don't want to get too close to the testing sites, anyway.

I check out of the BEST WESTERN PLUS Las Vegas West Hotel. I've been particularly impressed with the staff here -- they've been uniformly friendly, professional and helpful. I far prefer the atmosphere here a few miles off of the Strip to the hyper-charged megahotels. I liked being able to visit the Strip without feeling trapped by it.

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$50,000 Cigarette

February 20 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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no smoking.jpgEvery once in a while you hear a travel story that leaves you shaking your head and this week was one of those times. A family on board a Sunwing airlines flight that left Halifax headed for Dominican Republic was forced to make an unexpected landing in Bermuda. The reason for the diversion was that a couple and their twenty-two year old son were smoking in their seats. When they were asked to stop the family were allegedly very aggressive and unruly.

The incident led to the arrest of the three Canadians who appeared in a Bermuda court a few days later. The court charged them to either a $500 fine or 10 days in prison. No word yet on their decision, which to me seems like a pretty easy one, but let's just say they don't have a recent track record of wise decisions.

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Chilling In Nevada, Day Two: Las Vegas

February 19 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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LV hoover 2.jpgIt's 28 degrees in Las Vegas when I wake up. My bike is covered with frost, and the parking lot is decorated with patches of ice. I go to the breakfast room of the BEST WESTERN PLUS Las Vegas West Hotel and have some food as I consider my options. The current temperature in Ely, Nevada is 17 degrees, and there are snow flurries.

I make a decision. I check with the front desk, and there's no problem with extending my stay here for another night. I call the BEST WESTERN Park Vue Motel in Ely and cancel my reservation for the night. I could have used the Best Western to Go app on my iPhone, but I wanted to double check the weather. The operator in Ely confirms the conditions -- and tells me that I'm making the right decision. Ely is no place for motorcycles today.

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Lincoln Landmarks

February 18 2013 by Mike Mason
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lincoln prez day.jpgSo, you're an Abraham Lincoln historical buff? Well, you aren't the only one. Especially since the recent feature film debuted, interest in The Great Emancipator has sky-rocketed. Historical sites like the Lincoln Memorial, Ford's Theatre and Gettysburg, PA are seeing more visitors than ever. But where can a true Honest Abe Addict turn to get away from the crowds and have a more personal experience with the United States' 16th President? Here are a few suggestions:

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Famous Ice Skating Rinks - Most Well Known Spots in North America

February 15 2013 by Claudia Kunkel
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rockefeller.jpgI learned how to ice skate at an early age. It's a magical feeling, strapping on your skates and swooshing around on the ice with the frigid winter air blowing in your face! Of course, the first lesson you learn very quickly is how to determine if the ice is thick enough to hold you without breaking through into the freezing cold water!

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Chilling In Nevada, Day One: Los Angeles to Las Vegas

February 14 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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LV strat 1.jpgI have postponed my ride to Nevada for long enough. I originally scheduled this ride for October, but life has a way of getting in the way of our best plans. Finally, I've cleared the decks and I'm ready to hit the road.

I'm riding a 2013 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic on this trip. The Classic is the least-adorned of the Electra Glide lineup -- no fairing lowers, heated grips or power ports, but still nicely equipped with locking hard saddle bags, a TourPak and a batwing fairing with a sound system. My Electra Glide wears a coat of Big Blue Pearl paint, and it looks absolutely great.

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2014 Valentine's Day Destination

February 14 2013 by Mike Mason

V day.jpgOk, so if you're not on a plane by now, it's probably too late to make a Valentine's Day trip to the world's most romantic destinations. But, that doesn't mean you can't start making plans for your Paris, Venice and New York vacations! Here are a couple romantic tips for each of these locations.

There's more than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Take an afternoon stroll down the Seine River and admire the historic buildings and landmarks which make Paris one of the World's most recognizable cities. Be sure to stop by the Cathedral of Notre Dame before you end your night enjoying fine wines and delicious Parisian cuisine.

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Top Destinations in Canada

February 12 2013 by Bryson Forbes

quebec.jpgTrip Advisor has recently announced the results of their Traveler's Choice Awards
for 2013. The poll was conducted world wide and is broken into a number of categories including best destinations, best hotels, best restaurants and a number of sub categories like best family destinations.

It's a fun read but the Canadian content is fairly predictable with the big urban centres taking home the top three spots as best destination in Canada. With millions of travellers providing the reviews it makes sense as the big cities that get the visitors in turn get the most reviews.

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The Other Machu Picchu

February 12 2013 by Mike Mason

Kuelap.jpgIf you're the kind of tourist that hates being a tourist, then you probably avoid places like Machu Picchu. "Too many people" you might say. It makes you sad that such a beautiful piece of history has been tainted by commercialism and overcrowding. Even though it's considered by many to be the 8th Wonder of the World you can't bring yourself to spend that much money to visit a ruin where the locals plant several species of llamas simply to enhance the aesthetic.

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How to Plan a Ride

February 11 2013 by Jason Fogelson
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harley trip.jpgYou've always dreamed of taking a weeklong trip on a motorcycle. Here are a few tips to help make that dream a great reality.

Your Bike, or Theirs?

Is your dream destination more than 500 miles from your home? You may want to consider flying to the area and renting a motorcycle, and starting your ride where you want explore. Motorcycle rentals are surprisingly affordable through Harley-Davidson Rentals and other vendors.

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Best Travel Gadgets 2013

February 11 2013 by Bryson Forbes

travel gadget.jpgJanuary marked the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and in conjunction my blog about the best travel gadgets for 2013. To be honest, "best" may be the wrong word, let's label it as the top five that got my attention.

The first is perhaps a future gift for my father, Metal Detecting Sandals. These gems cost roughly $60 USD and will help even the most amateur archaeologist uncover what truly lies beneath the sand. The upside is how much more portable this unit is than the "old-school" hand held wand, this straps to your calf with a battery pack, with the sensors literally in the sole of the sandals. The downside is at present it is only accurate to about two feet and the weird tan line on your calf is going to be hard to explain.

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Chinese New Year

February 8 2013 by Claudia Kunkel

CNY.jpgLiterally translated as "Spring Festival", the Chinese New Year is the most important holiday on the traditional Chinese calendar. This year, the Year of the Snake, the celebration starts on February 10th and will last 15 days until February 25th. Each of the 15 days has a uniquely beautiful manner of celebration. For example, Day 1 is celebrated with a thunderous explosion of fireworks, music and dancing in the streets. The second day is traditionally set aside for married daughters to make a special visit to their parents, relatives and friends.

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Best Western Indie Films Series

February 7 2013 by BW Innsider
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The Best Western Indie Films series showcases Best Western hotel owners and their commitment to caring for their guests and communities. We will be presenting our hotel owners and how they make sure every guest at their hotel feels cared for.

Watch this inspiring story of giving back to community and living the American Dream. Every hotel has its own story, take some time to get to know Raj and his hotel.

Spring Travel Could Be Dicey, Pricey

February 6 2013 by Chris McGinnis
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airport crowd.jpgCombine a long, cold winter, spiking gasoline prices, and an improving economy. Then fold in an early Easter and you have the recipe for what could be a very crowded and expensive spring travel season. Already, advance bookings for March at Best Western's 2000+ hotels in the US are up 8.9% compared to this time last year.

To avoid the highest prices and the possibility of sold out flights, hotels or rental cars, those planning March trips should make reservations as soon as possible-- especially if headed to popular spring break destinations such as Florida, the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain ski resorts and Mexico.

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Spring Break's Impact on Business Trips

February 4 2013 by Chris McGinnis
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spring break.jpgDespite the current deep freeze across much of the US, it's time to start focusing on Spring Break... and how a very busy March is going to impact your business trips.

With Easter coming early this year (on March 31), families, students and business travelers are on a collision course during the month of March. The peak in demand means that March is going to be an unusually expensive and crowded month for travel, so plan accordingly.

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Super Bowl XLVII in the Big Easy

February 1 2013 by Claudia Kunkel

new orleans.jpgSports fan or no sports fan, there is no denying that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most watched events in American sports. The 47th annual Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will be held on February 3, 2013 in the famed New Orleans Superdome.

New Orleans is no stranger to hosting big, supersized events and this Super Bowl will be the 10th that the city has hosted. In addition to the action on the field between the 49ers second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the Ravens fifth year pro Joe Flacco, New Orleans can throw a party like no other city on earth.

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