2013 Travel Resolutions

December 31 2012 by Mike Mason
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2013.jpgAs New Year's Day fast approaches I usually take this time to not only establish goals for the coming year, but also to plan out my vacations and travel resolutions. Every year I have grand designs on traveling to places I've always wanted to go to or making a certain amount of road trips before the year ends - and without fail, every year, I fall short of my goals!

Well, this year I have made it a mission to not only keep my tradition of making travel resolutions but also outline some strategies to help me (and you) keep those resolutions.

Plan, plan, plan...
Too many times I found myself unable to take a trip because of inadequate planning or because the date I want to travel happens to fall on the same weekend of a wedding, birthday or work event. While some things you just can't anticipate, do your best to see into your future schedule and plan around any of these dates.

Set realistic goals
Want to travel to Australia, China and drive the Pacific Coast Highway all in one year? Go for it! But if you only get a 2 week block of vacation time, it may not be possible. Be sure to set realistic travel goals so you don't get discouraged on being unable to see everything in a year's time.

Call ahead
Don't let your hotel reservations, or any reservations really, wait until the last minute. I always scout the area I want to visit, do my research on what I want to see and then call to make a reservation at the nearest Best Western. In the past, I must admit, I have been guilty of waiting until a week before or just days prior to my trip departure to make reservations. While I have been lucky and at times get my accommodations set, there have been instances where the hotel is booked because of a busy weekend or holiday. Don't delay! Make your reservation well in advance.

As you make your travel plans I hope these tips will keep you motivated and help you to avoid any unnecessary pitfalls. Happy travel planning to everyone in 2013 - of course, you can always get started extra early and book your trip with Best Western today!

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    By Chris on January 1, 2013 4:32 PM

    We were asked to check back here to see who won the contest for our favorite winter destination. I want to know if I won. Where should we go to see the winner's name? The contest ended 12-31-12.

    By Best Western on January 2, 2013 2:45 PM

    Hi Chris,

    As soon as the winner is notified and confirmed via email we will post an announcement in the comments section of the December blog contest.

    Thanks for your patience and be sure to enter our January blog contest!

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