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January 30 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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think.jpgI have been writing for the Best Western travel blog for four years now and we have covered an array of topics, destinations and trends. I have reported on the business and leisure categories in Canada and quoted some industry experts along the way. Today, however, I thought I 'd change it up, it may be the fact I am at home on the couch suffering through day two of a flu bug that the minus twenty five degree weather has so graciously brought us this week, but here it goes! I thought we could learn and share our quick travel recommendations and stories and then pass them on. Can this go viral! Help us out!

What is your favourite "sleeper" destination? Something off the radar that you would highly recommend.

One of my favourite destinations is Kelowna, British Columbia. It doesn't get the attention that Vancouver, Calgary, Whistler and Banff get out west but it is a true four-season gem in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Fabulous wine, skiing, golf and a great climate make it my pick for top off the radar destination. If you go check out one of my favourite hotels, the Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites the most environmentally friendly hotel I have ever been to, cork floors, low flush toilets, solar heating panels, it's impressive!

Give us your best airport or airline story?

In 1993, I was on a flight from Toronto to Halifax to attend my Uncle's funeral. I was alone for the flight meeting my parents who were flying there from Ottawa and shortly after take off my seat was called and I had won a trip anywhere Air Canada flies. This was obviously before 9-11 and I was ushered up to the cockpit to receive the certificate from the pilots. Seems unbelievable today I know. The pilots heard the reason for trip and asked if I wanted to stay with them for the remainder of the trip and landing, which I did. It was such a great experience during a difficult time.

Tell us your most memorable Best Western story. Where and why?

We took the kids for a quick weekend getaway to London, Ontario that is about ninety minutes south west of us and stayed at the http://www.lamplighterinn.ca
My kids still ask all the time when we are going back. The indoor pool and waterslide is so impressive and fun, we were able to bring our dog and was a perfect weekend getaway. Check out the Best Western Twitter page @BestWestern - the current header is that very property.

Share your best road trip adventure?

On a family trip as a child, my Dad, who always loves to find a bargain rented a wood paneled station wagon from a company called "Rent-a-wreck". We were in Nova Scotia and staying at his friend's cottage. It had a security alarm that we would set off every time we left the place. I can vividly recall two cop cars racing by us towards the cottage as we headed away. It honestly happened at least a half dozen times in two weeks.

Where is the one place you MUST see, your one bucket-list destination?

I still have Hawaii on my list and have yet to go. A good friend just got back and like everyone else I know who has been, he raved about it. Paradise is a word I hear a lot about Hawaii. I need to make that happen soon.

Thanks for playing along. I love hearing about people's travel related memories and I assume you do to if you are reading this blog. Take a moment, share your thoughts and pass it along. Safe travels!

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    By Holly Snitker on February 5, 2013 11:44 AM

    I have to say my best road trip ever was when my parents took my children across the country from Oregon to New York and back, and I "had" to go along to "supervise"! The United States is so beautiful and has such wonderful people! We had a great time!

    By George on February 16, 2013 1:29 PM

    Memorable Best Western Story:

    Arrived late Thursday in Sorrento, Italy to find my passport had dissappeared somehow on the train from Rome. My return flight to Canada was Tuesday morning.

    So...back to Rome Friday morning, Sorrento stay cancelled. Passed by Pompeii twice and didn't get to go.

    Spent the weekend at the Best Western in Fiumicino, Italy. No sympathy from my North American friends. "What do you expect? You're at a beach motel on the Mediterranean".

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