A Royal Occasion: The Duke and Duchess Tour Canada

July 13 2011 by Bryson Forbes
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By now, we all know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose Canada as their first official international travel destination since their April nuptials captured world attention. Canadians welcomed the couple with open arms as they made a jam-packed, nine-day, cross-Canada tour.

Overall, Canadians were proud that the Royal couple chose to come here first, making Canada the"honeymoon capital of the Commonwealth". The couple reportedly had Canada on their radar for a long time.
William and Kate engaged in some very Canadian activities throughout their trip, including:
- A dragon boat race on Prince Edward Island's Dalvay Lake
- Playing road hockey or "shinny" in Yellowknife
- Participating in a Canada Day celebration in Ottawa
- A tour of Ottawa's Museum of Civilization
- A coast guard search and rescue off the coast of Summerside, PEI
- Attending an Aboriginal ceremony in Northwest Territories
- Attending the opening of the Calgary Stampede

Some 1,300 reporters followed the couple across the country, and the event earned Canada tremendous international attention. This exposure should bode very well after a sustained inbound travel decrease over the past few years. It's my hope that the Royal Couple spotlighting our great country will help drive tourism.

Did you follow William and Kate along their journey? Did the variety of Canadian destinations make you want to travel across Canada? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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