A St. Thomas Vacation Begs Beach-Hopping

May 18 2011 by Claudia Kunkel
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iStock_000006065635XSmall.jpgI am a beach bum. Given the opportunity, I would pick going to a beach and just chillin' as my premier vacation destination. Being from an island in the Caribbean, I have developed what I describe as a connoisseur's standard for what a "nice" beach is. Some people call me a "beach snob". Connoisseur/Snob...Tomatoe/Tomato; the bottom line is that if someone in my friends' circle of friends wants advise on a beach vacation, they call me.

This is why recently, when asked to pick one "not-to-be-missed" beach in St. Thomas, I was my friend's first call. "Why pick one?"- I asked. St. Thomas is so small that you can easily go from spending a leisurely morning in Lindbergh beach to an action packed afternoon of kayaking at Magens Bay. Only 3 miles away, you can hop on the $1 bus and get there in no time.

If snorkeling is not your thing, St. Thomas will make you a convert. If you are an enthusiast you already know about the legendary Coki Beach. A mere 15 minute drive from the airport, Coki Beach is a snorkelers' paradise. Next to this heavenly beach, is Coral World.

If anything could get me out of the white sands of Coki Beach it would be Coral World's incredible "Sea Trek", where you can walk at the foot of the sea while exploring beautiful "gardens."

Because beach bumming can be very tiring, after a day of fun in the sun, I always find myself craving some great food to re-charge. Assuming catching a cab is not an objection, head to Oceania in the French part of town. Their mussels will truly make your beach experience come full circle.

So, if you are ever lucky-enough to find yourself in St. Thomas, keep beach-hopping in mind. The term could have as well been invented there. Plus, there is an amazing Best Western property that you must stay at.

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    By Lorena on June 23, 2011 4:55 PM

    This atirlce keeps it real, no doubt.

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