Best Travel Apps for Business Travelers

November 21 2011 by Bryson Forbes
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iStock_000015945410XSmall.jpgI am officially an "Apple" guy after two recent purchases. The first purchase was my new MacBook Pro (which I am using to write this blog) and the latest was my new iPhone 4S, my third generation. I was one of the 4 million consumers who rushed out on the first weekend and bought the new device.

Apple and iPhone have a done a masterful job lately demonstrating that their products are not just fun toys but well suited for the business crowd. I remember having a debate a while back with a friend who happens to be a lawyer. At the time, she felt that the white-collar crowd would never embrace the iPhone. I actually took a picture about a week later as our doctor used his iPhone to create a prescription, which he then sent wirelessly to a printer - and voila a literate prescription!

While there are many examples of iPhone apps that help the business crowd be more productive and efficient, and here are my favourite three travel apps for the Canadian corporate traveler. Best of all, they are absolutely free to download!

1. Best Western to Go

With 'Best Western to Go' you can find locations and make reservations for any Best Western hotel worldwide, track details of your trip and share your trip with friends and family, which you can do via email or even Facebook. Make sure to add your Best Western Rewards membership to your profile to help ensure you are collecting valuable points along the way. It is also available for Android and iPad.

2. CAA

CAA has three great apps allowing CAA Members to access everything from Member exclusive savings, to roadside assistance to even the ability to map a trip using their iPhone. Check out all three:
- CAA Triptik App
- CAA Savings App
- CAA Roadside App

All three are also available on Android, Blackberry and iPad.

3. Air Canada

The Air Canada mobile app allows you to search and purchase flights, view flight details, select your seat and share your itinerary with family and friends. The app is a perfect travel companion for the business traveller and will ensure you are alerted of any changes or delays.

These are just three of the apps that I use frequently when on the road, but I would love to hear which apps help you feel like a local when travelling. Please drop us a line with your favourite app and why.

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    By zhanguoqiang on November 28, 2011 5:28 AM

    The traveling was any

    The traveling was any I has a friend saying that the traveling was becomes aware the life

    with another way feeling from

    By Ms. Shannon M. Gray on December 4, 2011 5:58 PM

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    By Ms. Shannon M. Gray on December 4, 2011 7:15 PM

    LOVE, LOVE, staying at "THE BEST WESTERN HOTELS", all over "THE UNITED STATES", they are always pleasant !!! The staff is very accomadating, & always, extremely friendly ? (ON SPELLING) They have great prices & nice & clean rooms, no bed bugs overnight !!!!!

    By THunt on December 8, 2011 12:34 AM

    Great post. Haven't tried any of the apps that you've mentioned but will probably look at them. I am no business traveler actually, but I do use apps when heading abroad. Just recently downloaded 25 things to do in Amsterdam as the family is thinking to go there. Nice app actually since it has an offline map. Perhaps you can do a part 2 of this post so that you would be able to feature other travel apps that are great for business trips. Keep on posting!

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