California Redwoods

March 29 2010 by Bridget Daly
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redwood-national-park.jpgYou've seen one tree, you haven't seen them all.

My husband and I decided to do something romantic for Valentine's Day this past year and thought it might be nice to visit the California Coastal Redwood Parks. Located along the Northern coast of California, the Redwood Parks cover a combined area of over 100,000 acres of land and is home to the tallest trees on the planet. In addition to the huge trees are miles and miles of beautiful coastline, streams, mountainous terrain, prairie land and more natural beauty to admire than you can imagine. While most couples were zooming by the Redwood Parks towards Wine Country during Valentine's weekend, we preferred to sit quietly under these massive trees that are seemingly from another planet.

Sequoia is the actual name of Redwoods, but I prefer Redwood as it makes me think of their breathtaking color and ostensibly unbreakable bark. While hiking through the Parks, we found ourselves whispering when in the trees' presence. As if upsetting the environment might send the whole forest crumbling down. But, these forests have lasted for thousands of years and survived every natural disaster imaginable. We kept having the feeling that we had been transported back in time (or onto a movie set). They seemed fake. Could it be that trees of this magnitude exist? How are they able to withstand time? My answer? The Redwoods are truly magical. Yep. Magical. Covered in fog, as tall as skyscrapers, powerful yet peaceful giants.

All trees are truly not created equal.

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    By John on April 25, 2010 11:18 PM

    One of the most beautiful forest in the world. I live up in Vancouver and we have a few old growth forest remaining that parallel the California redwoods.

    John the ticket man.

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