"Final Four" Plays Out Close to Canadian Soil

April 2 2009 by Bryson Forbes
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Basketball.jpgThis weekend, the best college basketball event and arguably the greatest tournament in sports will crown a champion at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. That's right; the final games of March Madness have arrived.

For those Canadians like me who are NCAA college basketball fans (and there are plenty of us out there), the four hour drive means the final event has never been so close! It's the perfect opportunity for this sports fan to scratch off another of "the events I must see before dying" list.

Tickets are readily available online but getting good ones is going to set me back some serious loonies. Tickets range from $75 for the nose bleed section to $1,500 for a good lower-level seat. At this price, I don't think it will be a family trip.

Here are four things to think about if you are planning on hitting the Final Four:

1)This year the finals are within a four hour drive for more than 10 million Canadians, but you'd better have government issued ID to get over to Detroit. A passport is ideal, but a driver's license will still work.

2) It will be a late night on Monday for the final game, which doesn't start until 9:21p.m. So you won't be out of there until midnight at best. Be prepared to stay over Monday and head back to Canada first thing on Tuesday.

3) There are plenty of things to do surrounding the actual games. Check out http://www.ncaamarchmadness2009.com/mens for a list of events.

4) Getting around Detroit this weekend has been made a little easier with an unlimited $14, five-day pass from Detroit Transit. Check out www.RideDetroitTransit.com for more on the pass and a list of all the routes and times.

Are you planning on heading to the Final Four this year or watching it from the comfort of home?

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