Hershey, Pennsylvania - Oh, So Sweet!

May 26 2009 by Karla Henriquez
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chocolate.jpgHershey, Pennsylvania may very well be the perfect family town that Milton S. Hershey intended it to be. Of course it's heaven for chocolate lovers (read Moms), but there is great fun to be had there even for those rare individuals, like my niece, who do not even care for chocolate.

Hershey's Chocolate World is the best place to begin exploring this town. If you're anxious to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can start by experiencing the Chocolate Tasting Adventure. Once you've had your fill there, it's time to move on to the Factory Works, where you can package your own chocolate and then ship it to friends and family or to yourself. At this point, you may be ready to take in a show - sit back and be prepared to be thoroughly entertained as 3-D Hershey's characters tell the story of the chocolate this town is built on.

For those who need more of a rush than just a sample of chocolate can provide, the town has a world-class amusement park. Hershey Park features plenty of rides, appropriate for thrill-seekers of all ages. I love the park's system to let you know how tall you have to be to go on a ride - they associate you with a brand. Babies are Hershey's Miniatures, and those of us over 60" are Jolly Ranchers. They also rate their rides on a scale of 1-5, from mild to wild. For a chance to cool off, you can ride one of the water rides - just take an extra set of clothing if you don't want to walk around a little damp!

Other attractions in the area are ZooAmerica, a wildlife park; Hershey Golf Collection, where you can pick from four courses to play; the Antique Auto Museum; Hershey Trolley Works; and Hershey Gardens, where you can enjoy 23 acres of gardens. For a unique experience, go to the Hotel Hershey for The Falconry Experience - it may be the only time in your life that you can hold a bird of prey. Finally, end your Hershey, Pennsylvania experience with a Chocolate Fondue Wrap at the Chocolate Spa.

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    By JasonIba on May 27, 2009 5:09 PM

    Oh! Chocolate tasting... sign me up... hey, any BW in that area you all recommend?

    By BW Innsider on May 27, 2009 5:58 PM

    Hi Jason,

    The Best Western Inn Hershey is close to many of the places in the article. Here's a link to more information about the hotel:

    Best Western

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