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November 12 2010 by Bryson Forbes
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Stanley Park_DONE.jpgIf you had to pick the new "it" spot in Canada I think most this year would have to pick the province of British Columbia and more specifically the city of Vancouver. After a rocky start the city and the province are now being recognized for hosting a spectacular event last February with Winter Olympic Games. The Games put a very bright spotlight on the region and it definitely answered the call.

B.C. is the third largest of Canada's provinces in both land mass and population and is most noted for its natural beauty and relatively mild climate. The mild climate and mountain terrain make BC a hot bed for recreational activity and tourism. There are certainly no shortage of things to do in this four season playground. Some of the best golf, skiing and snowboarding are all accessible in B.C. The Okanagon Valley, my personal favourite, is a real gem with some of the best weather, wine and wilderness in the province. Another very cool place to check out is Whistler. Whistler hosted the major alpine events during the Olympics and is a fabulous vacation spot. My Dad and I were lucky enough to get to the area just prior to the Olympics. Check out my previous blog.

The people of BC are generally known to be very relaxed and cool. The "west coast" lifestyle of chill versus stress takes precedence. British Columbians are known to be very active, engaged in summer and winter sports along with a huge yoga following. Residents are also very environmentally conscious, there is evidence all around, but most notable the political "Green Party" typically gets 10% of the vote in BC, way more than any other province.

The population is very diverse and has the highest percentage of visible minorities of any province in Canada at almost 25%. BC has a very strong Asian influence and that is evident especially in Vancouver with wonderful Asian influenced architecture, parks, restaurants and retail environments.

Many international companies are looking to BC as a destination to host events in the after-glow of the Olympic Games, Best Western for instance will host their annual owners meeting in Vancouver next month from the 7th to the 11th of November.

British Columbia has lots to offer to everyone. If you have not yet had the chance to hit Canada's west coast, start planning. If you have already been tell us about your favourite thing about B.C.?

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