Marathons. Always a Spectator, Never a Runner

May 25 2011 by Bridget Daly
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iStock_000005108177XSmall.jpgWatching thousands of runners, from professional to novice, tackle 26 miles and 385 yards is never short of spectacular! I tend to always be a marathon spectator, never a runner, but the energy is exhilarating and the determination is contagious no matter if you choose to don the running shoe or the sit on the sidelines and cheer on the crowd walking shoe.

Each year, more than 500 marathons take place throughout the world. From local community races and charity events to prestigious, big money earning races, some marathons, like April's famous Boston Marathon, are known to attract over 20,000 runners and upwards of 500,000 spectators from all around the world.

Although the race is the main attraction, most races include a variety of festivities and local activities that can make for a fun day out for the entire family. Attending a marathon is a great way to spend the day outdoors getting reacquainted with your own city or exploring a new one. So whether you want to cheer on friends or brave the over 26 mile feat as a runner, below are some upcoming marathon events you and your whole family can enjoy:

Madison Marathon
Madison, Wisconsin-Sunday, May 29

Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon
Deadwood, South Dakota-Sunday, June 5

Deseret Morning Marathon and 10K
Salt Lake City, Utah-Monday, July 25

The San Francisco Marathon
San Francisco, California-Sunday, July 31

Need a place to hang up those running and walking shoes after a day at the marathon? Find comfort and rejuvenation at a nearby BEST WESTERN, BEST WESTERN PLUS or BEST WESTERN PREMIER.

Let us know if you are a runner or a spectator. And share with us your favorite marathon story.

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