March Madness Travel

March 24 2011 by James West
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iStock_000013568583XSmall.jpgIt's the most, wonderful time of the year! These words may make you think of an old Christmas song, but I am not referring to December 25th. It is the NCAA basketball tournament and this, for me, is by far the best time of the year. Not only is it just a pleasant time of year with spring starting to come around, but it is the sports that make it the best, and the absolute best of the best is March Madness, the Big Dance, the Tournament. Today kicks off the Sweet 16 and you better believe I will be glued to my TV tonight and tomorrow to catch all the action.

I am proud to say I was able to watch every single game for the first two rounds thanks to wonderful technology. As usual, there were some crazy upsets, wild finishes, massive blowouts and overall, my bracket is pretty good! I absolutely love watching tournament basketball and even better, is getting to travel to watch college ball. Watching on TV can be very exciting but it is nothing compared to seeing it live.

I recently traveled to watch some college teams battle it out in their conference tournament right before Selection Sunday and it was awesome! I won't drag my loyalties too much into this post, but I am hoping a couple certain teams continue to stick it out to where I will have almost no choice, but travel to Houston, TX, the host of this year's final four, and watch.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the attendees to a Final Four game, you are in for a treat. Houston is a great city with tons of things going on around the tournament. There is the Big Dance concert series, watching the final teams practice and lots more. You can check out the Houston Visitor's website for more city info and the NCAA's website for more lists of activities.

Of course, Best Western has some excellent properties in the Houston area. If I am able to get my wish and attend this year, I will be checking out BEST WESTERN PLUS Downtown Inn & Suites. If you're not familiar with the new types of Best Western hotels click here, but BEST WESTERN PLUS gives you a little extra comfort with still an affordable rate. If you haven't experience it yet, make it happen on your trip.

Did you attend any of the tournament games or will you be? How's your bracket look? Share your experience in the comments below.

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