Next Destination: Killington, Vermont

December 22 2008 by Karla Henriquez
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killingtonvermont.jpgI was rummaging in a closet last night when I saw my ski jacket, helmet, goggles, and mittens. I only used them one winter--it was the last one I spent in Utah, when I finally decided to pay for ski lessons and find out what all the fuss was about. I loved it and was looking forward to getting a season pass to my local ski resort again the next winter. I was also determined to become a proficient enough skier to keep up with my husband for a few runs--he's been skiing almost as long as he's been walking.

Then we moved to the Northeast and I haven't skied again. The first year we were here, I was holding out for a trip back west so I could practice on familiar snow--the trip happened, but the skiing didn't. Then last winter, I was in the third trimester of downhill skiing was not really an option.

This year, I'm determined to get back into a pair of skis and I've decided to go to Killington, Vermont to do so. This resort boasts the most varied terrain of any in the East and also has the greatest vertical drop. (This means that my husband can happily explore hundreds of trails while I take a refresher course and then find some nice beginner runs to practice on.) My readings about the resort have also revealed another feature I look forward to--the base lodge deck, situated next to some challenging runs. I can already picture myself sitting there in the afternoon with my ski boots loosened and a cup of hot cocoa warming my hands while I watch my husband skillfully and fluidly whiz by and think of all the reasons I decided to marry him and move to the East coast.

The town of Killington is also known for offering a wide variety of dining options. I've scoped out a couple of places that seem promising--Johnny Boy's Pancake House for a hearty pre-ski breakfast and The Dining Room at the Inn at Long Trail for apres-ski. The Dining Room was built around an indoor boulder and I've decided that a trip to Killington would not be complete without a visit to this geological and architectural feature.

I'm not sure how much energy I'll have after a day of skiing, but if I catch a second wind one night, I definitely want to check out The Wobbly Barn--and not only because it sounds like something you might find on the campus of Hogwarts (remember the Shrieking Shack?). This 45 year-old establishment is both a steakhouse and a night-club--and what do I enjoy more than a rare steak after a day of skiing? Live bands and dancing! That was the one part of Park City, Utah this Latina discovered long before she learned to ski.

Well, I'm all set on a destination and I've started planning an itinerary--now it's time to choose my dates and book a room. The Best Western Inn & Suites Rutland/Killington is a great option. Killington, here I come!

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By Karina on December 28, 2008 6:44 AM

You make me long to go to Killington. Any place called the Wobbly Barn must be worth visiting!

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