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April 19 2010 by Jason Fogelson
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atlanta-georgia.jpgOne of my favorite cities in the United States is Atlanta, Georgia. And it happens to be a fantastic motorcycle city.

Atlanta is a sprawling metropolis, with a wide range of attractions and activities. I love the contrast of modern business center, with gleaming skyscrapers and sparkling glass towers, mixed with the elegant, verdant charm of the Old South. Riding around Atlanta can feel like traveling through time, with stops in every century from the eighteenth on.

One of my big travel goals in life has been to visit every US President's museum. Atlanta is the home of the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum . Carter was a one-term president, but he has been a long-term humanist and activist, and his museum is a rewarding, inspirational stop.

I also love factory tours. Atlanta is the home of the Coca Cola Company, and the World of Coca Cola is a museum/factory tour devoted to the brand.

Though parts of it are the height of kitsch, Stone Mountain Park actually encompasses a beautiful nature preserve with picnic grounds and hiking trails. The view from the top of the mountain is unbelievable and not be missed, though the cable car ride to the summit is a bit hair raising for the acrophobic (that would include me, with a terrible aversion to heights).

Atlanta is well known for its nightlife and vibrant music scene, especially rap music. I'm not into rap, but I love to explore nearby Athens, Georgia . Over the years, great bands like the B-52s, REM and Widespread Panic all got their start in Athens, and the city continues to nurture new music.

The Atlanta area is home to over 20 Best Western Hotels, so it's easy to find a centrally located Best Western to form home base for your exploration of this rich and varied city. The fun is in the discovery, and Atlanta is a city full of surprises.

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    By Donna Brown on April 20, 2010 6:41 AM

    Atlanta is favorite place too. I had visited Atlanta last year and I do agree with your visiting places that is amazing. Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site, World of Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain Park, Historic Oakland Cemetery are best one in Atlanta.
    Travel America

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