Santa Ana Winds

November 8 2010 by Bridget Daly
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iStock_000005088802XSmall.jpgCalifornia is one of those states where the skies are predominantly blue, indicating amazing weather throughout the year. We have mild winters, beautiful springs and the perfect summer and fall weather. Being from San Diego, I had my fair share of perfect beach days well into October, it was one of the many perks of living in the coolest and most desired state in the US (according to me and my beach babe friends). As we cycle into our mid fall and early winter weather, a climate shift happens every year in California. Seasoned veterans, like my family, are used to this several week change, those who are out of towners, marvel at this change. It's known as the Santa Ana winds, and it throws everything people assume about fall weather, completely off base.

Santa Ana timing and weather is best known for raising the temperature gauge staggeringly high, boosting daily temps into the mid to high 90's, in the middle of November. Along with this heat wave comes powerful winds up to the 60 mphs.

While this break in crisp temperatures is appreciated and very much rejoiced in California, it also brings along something that natives fear. The Santa Ana winds, stir the pot so to speak with the dryness of California terrain. In result, wild brush fires pop up throughout the state every year, each one more scary and dangerous than the last. Because of the lack of rainfall in California, the overall climate is dry and primed for fire hazards. All year roadside signs will warn travelers and locals about the wild fire hazard levels of the day, and it is something that Californians are aware of all year.

While it is crucial to be careful and aware of fire hazard issues in California, generally Santa Ana weather is very much appreciated. Especially this year, as the Southern California summers were uncharacteristically gray through the season, this early November heat is refreshingly welcomed. If you find yourself traveling to California to appreciate these warm temperatures, take in the warm winds, beautiful sunny skies, and general picturesque landscapes of California.

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