Tulips Are in Bloom

May 6 2011 by Bridget Daly
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iStock_000006137356XSmall.jpgThere are a variety of tulip festivals throughout North America, typically found in cities rooted in Dutch heritage. Not just for flower lovers, tulip festivals are a popular spring day outing that offers a variety of activities beyond just a beautiful view for the whole family to enjoy. Most festivals take you beyond the tulip and offer fun gardening information, local inspired food for tasting, vibrant parades for watching and live music from a local band for listening.

You can expect that some of the host gardens will display rows of pristinely planted tulips in perfectly aligned colors, while others will have tulips wildly scattered about. But no matter the arrangement, planted, potted or fresh cut, the delicate tulip sure does pack a powerful punch of memorable color.

Go on, tip toe through the tulips this spring season at one of these popular tulip festivals.

The 63rd Annual Albany Tulip Festival
Washington Park, Albany, New York
May 7 & 8, 2011
When you're ready to call it a night, retreat to the pet-friendly BEST WESTERN Sovereign Hotel - Albany for a restful night's sleep.

The Canadian Tulip Festival

Major's Hill Park and at Commissioners Park in Ottawa, Ontario
May 6-23, 2011
After exploring The Canadian Tulip Festival, kick your heels up at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Victoria Park Suites.

Tulip Time Festival
Throughout Holland, Michigan
May 7-14, 2011
The BEST WESTERN Holland Inn & Suites is the perfect choice to unwind and relax after a day in the spring air.

Pella Tulip Time
Throughout Pella, Iowa
May 5-7, 2011
What better way to finish off a fun day in the spring sun than rejuvenating in a comfortable, cozy room at the BEST WESTERN Altoona Inn.

Now, these are only just a few popular tulip festivals, so be sure to share with us your favorite local tulip festival.

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