Day 3: Retro to Now Road Trip

August 3 2009 by Retro to Now Road Trip
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The Monteith family hit the road as the winners of Best Western's "Retro to Now Road Trip" contest.

The Monteith Clan arrived at Gettysburg today! The first leg of the trip was pleasant as the kids were very involved in the car games AAA sent them. They even had invisible ink games that I played with in the car when I was a kid. I am sure they will have no problem doing the first half of the trip with no in-car TVs because the assortment of games AAA sent is perfect for all my kids. Every family should try this next time they hit the road - unplug that DVD player and pick up some car games!

After arriving we went immediately to the visitor's center and saw the movie about Gettysburg. We then went to the National Park side of the visitor's center and signed up for the junior ranger program. We love this program as it is a very economical way to see the park and get a souvenir. The programs are very informative and the kids really have to pay attention and work to fill out the books, but in the end they all receive a badge which they can add to their collection. We try to do the programs whenever we are visiting a National Park.

Following the visit to the battlefield we checked in to the hotel and let the kids swim. This is sort of our compromise with the kids. I would love nothing better than to explore and sightsee all day, the kids would love to swim all day! So they know if they let me do sightseeing in the morning and are polite we will all take a break so they can swim. It is also a nice opportunity for Madeline, our youngest, to take a nap if she is tired.

The Gettysburg Best Western is by far one of my favorite hotels. It is located on the square across the street from where Lincoln wrote the historical Gettysburg address and it is just packed with history. As you can tell we are huge history buffs. My oldest Teddy loves it because she is sure there are ghosts who live in the hotel and she will get to see one. She is very fascinated with ghosts at this stage in her life. Unfortunately for some of her younger siblings she takes every opportunity she can to try and scare them with her "true" ghost stories.

The kids are done with their swim now and we are going to head back to the battlefield for the "campfire" and try to find time for something to eat. Often times road trips with us are a little short on the meals as we just love to go and go and don't always break for food! Maybe I will lose a few pounds on this trip!

Tomorrow we are off to Philadelphia!


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    By Dale S. on August 4, 2009 10:49 AM

    Cards. This is how I learned to play cards as a kid on road trips to DisneyWorld (from RI) and also how I got very good at my multiplication tables. We had these flashcards and my older sister and I would compete endlessly by seeing who could get more right.

    War was a favorite, as well as picking a number and then counting that number of cars that were going by in the opposite direction and the car that came by at your number was "yours". We would then heckle each other for winding up with a brown VW mini-bus or crummy-looking Dodge Dart (hey, it was the 70's).

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