Day 5: Retro to Now Road Trip

August 4 2009 by Retro to Now Road Trip
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The Monteith family hit the road as the winners of Best Western's "Retro to Now Road Trip" contest.

Left Philly this morning, what a great city! We had not had a chance to see this city before and after the day we decided we definitely need to go back.

From there we headed to New York City - which is always so cool because you see the city skyline as you drive in so it was very fun to point it out to the kids. The kids were just amazed at all the activity and lights. The hotel was at the best vantage point for the kids, right by the M&M World store. There is a huge screen with M&Ms doing crazy things. We were outside the hotel for about 20 mins. while we were unloading and it was the quietest the kids had been the whole weekend!

Family in front of hotel_nyc.jpgWe are staying at the Best Western President Hotel at Times Square - what a hotel!!! It was a great end to the retro portion of our trip as we walked into our room and it was all white (white tables, walls, couch, linen) and black. Not the best for a mom though. "Oh my gosh kids go wash your hands and don't touch anything!" Actually it was very fun for the kids as they have never seen anything that modern. There was also a box waiting for us from AAA. Inside was DVDs and electronic car games. The kids don't have any electronic car games, so getting them to sleep was a chore.

After settling in we headed downtown. The one request of the kids was to go see the Statue of Liberty. We went by way of Tribeca for some yummy desserts and coffee because I knew that our meal times would be off by a couple of hours in NYC. We also walked down to Battery Park showing the kids how Manhattan was founded and pointing out a few of the older buildings and churches. After seeing the Statue of Liberty we took the Subway up to Chinatown. We walked through Chinatown into little Italy. It is so cool to walk through that area at night with everything lit up. Definitely had to hold on to all the kids as they were very awe struck and I was worried they would wander into some store and never come back!

Dinner in Little Italy_youngest daughter Madeline.jpgWe had dinner at Puglia in Little Italy which is a great family restaurant because they have long tables and always have a singer. The singer that I listened to there 23 years ago still performs there! From there we took the Metro back to Times Square and walked back to the hotel. The kids were exhausted until we got off the metro and landed in Time Square. That is enough excitement to wake up anyone!

We are seeing 5th Ave this morning to include FAO Schwartz and Central Park before heading to Boston this afternoon.

Talk to you from Boston,


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    By Auntie Nessa on August 5, 2009 5:24 AM

    I am so jealous! I would have loved to seen the look on all the kids faces during all that excitement. Plus, I have never been to the statue of liberty. Were you able to go up inside the torch? Can you do that? Did you have a good canoli while in Little Italy? I found this place in Syracuse that has super yummy ones. Have fun in Boston. Don't forget to check out the duck bronzes in the park.

    By Nancy R on August 5, 2009 5:28 AM

    Hi Monteiths! I'm enjoying following your blog as you travel! Love, Nancy

    By vonnette monteith on August 5, 2009 8:23 PM

    Nesser Pesser! You actually can go up to the top of the Statue now but you have to climb the stairs. Teddy's legs work going up when she wants to but tonight she couldn't walk ten steps to come back to the bedroom! Amazing how that works:) We didn't get a Canoli in Little Italy I was bummed but made up for it in North Boston. I bought six plus a lobster tail (the pastry not seafood for you non dessert folks out there) So yea I went a little overboard! Bryan was like why did you buy so many? Scotty my other dessert lover was like, "Excuse me? So many? that is only like one a person who cares if they are the size of my head!" How long are you going to be in Syracuse? We can come up in the next weekend or so if you will still be there. And Nancy we are sooo coming back up to stay at your darling house. YOu know the book Calvin and HObbes you gave Teddy it is still on Katie's bed I swear they have slept with it for the last six months!

    By Iris & Peter Steffler on August 5, 2009 9:47 PM

    Hello Monteith Family,

    We were contenders with you as one of the 10 finalisits in the photo contest. You had a great photo entry and we whole-heartely congratulate you. Wefeel as if we are viacariously living the road trip through your blog! Have a fabulous trip and great new memories.

    Fond Regards from us in Western Canada!

    Iris, Pete, Che & Aven Steffler

    By adammark on August 8, 2009 6:22 AM

    i feel i am on trip with you by reading through your blog. nice picture and article presented by you. have nice journey

    By vonnette monteith on August 17, 2009 1:41 PM

    Thanks to the Steffler family! I wish I could figure out how to email you directly and invite you to come visit us in DC I could show you most everything we saw as it is within a days drive. Plus we are from the West Coast and would love to see your Western Canada! Vonnette

    By Gertrude on June 23, 2011 3:53 AM

    Smack-dab what I was lokonig for—ty!

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