Day 6: Retro to Now Road Trip

August 6 2009 by Retro to Now Road Trip
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Monteith Family.jpgThe Monteith family hit the road as the winners of Best Western's "Retro to Now Road Trip" contest.

Yesterday was spent doing what everyone should do when they go to the city; at least a little bit: Shopping! Times Square has changed so much since I used to come to town. It is way more family-friendly. We started out by going to M&M World. The kids were just mesmerized by how big everything was. There was actually so much shopping they sort of froze and in the end I had to pick out their souvenirs for them. We also walked up 5th Ave, into FAO Schwartz (of course) and peeked into Central Park. I am known for putting too much into a day so instead of doing much exploring in the park I told the kids we would come back another time. We then jumped on the subway and headed back to Times Square so we could see the Toys R Us. This store actually has a Ferris wheel inside the store. So we all rode the Ferris wheel, bought our souvenirs (with help from mom) and headed back to the hotel to pick up "our new car" as the kids keep saying.

The "new car" is a fully-loaded Volkswagen Routan and getting it was every bit as exciting as the kids thought it would be. There are buttons for everything! As soon as they pulled the car in the kids all took turns trying out all the seats and deciding who would sit where - they all tried to claim the driver's seat. I had to remind Teddy that I would be sitting up front with Dad.

We have always driven station wagons, but the kids informed me yesterday that they would like to take this car home. They felt it was much better for the family. "You know mom with these buttons to open and close the doors, and the DVD back here that we can operate, you would hardly have to do anything." They also know that I am a big fan of Volkswagen myself and have always wanted a Bug so they tried to use that angle as well. "Mom, it's a Volkswagen!"

The trip from NYC up to Boston was so comfortable in the Routan. The kids amused themselves with a movie and Bryan and I could plan the rest of the trip.

Today is Boston; the kids however have put in a request.... "No more walking!" so maybe we'll do a duck tour.


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