Day 8: Retro to Now Road Trip

August 7 2009 by Retro to Now Road Trip
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The Monteith family hit the road as the winners of Best Western's "Retro to Now Road Trip" contest.

The big drive!

So this was the day of the big drive. Even by our standards this was going to push the max driving range for the kids. Eight hours or more in the car - all the way from Boston to Buffalo! Good thing the Volkswagen Routan is so well-equipped; that DVD player sure is handy.

The day went alright only one good melt down which Bryan managed to capture on video. The kids are going to rue the day they have fits when Dad has the camera. We also were planning to stop for dinner in Syracuse and meet our cousin Rob. Dinner was very enjoyable; as we met at "the Dinosaur BBQ" in Syracuse which has great food and you can sit outside and watch the "choppers". Plus, the roar of the motorcycles muffles anything the kids can attempt.

After dinner we were within striking range of the hotel so we all knew we would make it. It's also so nice to know there is a comfortable room waiting when you arrive. Let me tell you - Best Western never looked so good as last night after ten hours of traveling! What a treat it was too! The hotel is brand new and the beds were super comfortable! We were all just super tired. Tomorrow the last day of the trip and we are off to see Niagara Falls!


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    By Kaedon on June 23, 2011 7:42 AM

    Home run! Great slgugnig with that answer!

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