Last Chance to Rock Your Summer with Best Western

August 11 2008 by BW Innsider
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This summer we partnered with the Disney Channel in sponsorship of their original movie, Camp Rock, starring the Jonas Brothers. If you haven't heard of this popular rock trio yet, chances are you are not a young teen or do not live with any. If you have kids, I am fairly certain you can get all the details from them. If you'd like some inside information so you look hip with the young generation, here is a head start (fyi, this came straight from the mouth of a 9-year old girl).

"Nick, Kevin and Joe are their names. They are brothers, but are not triplets. They are really, really nice. I am pretty sure Kevin is the oldest. Joe is my favorite because he likes releasing his inner nerd. I think Camp Rock is awesome. I loved it!"

You have one more week to get into the Camp Rock spirit and earn a $50 Camp Rock Travel Card. Best Western Rewards members that stay a total of six nights between June 20 and August 17 at any member hotel worldwide will receive a collectible $50 Camp Rock Travel Card. Even better, if you are a member of AAA or CAA and stay any five nights, you receive the $50 Travel Card.

Take advantage of this last chance to rock your summer.

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By Louise on June 22, 2011 11:35 PM

Super jazzed about getntig that know-how.

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