Day 1: Retro to Now Road Trip Takes Off!

August 3 2009 by Retro to Now Road Trip
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Retro to Now Winner_sized.jpgAs grand prize winners of the Best Western and AAA "Retro to Now Road Trip" sweepstakes, the Monteith family will hit the road and tour some of the Northeast's most famous cities and landmarks in a way most modern day families don't - in a standard family van, without access to a CD player, cell phones or other technology. While traveling in the vehicle, provided by Hertz Rental Car, video games and DVDs will be replaced by road games and paperbacks to keep the children - a five-year-old, eight-year-old and nine-year old twins - occupied. The journey will be guided by a TripTik® Travel Planner provided by AAA.

Midway through the journey, the family will switch to "now," with all familiar and modern amenities returning. In addition the family will drive a fully-loaded 2009 Volkswagen Routan, the only minivan in America with German engineering. Features include power sliding doors, U-Connect Bluetooth cellular phone wireless connection, DVD navigation with wide touch screen, built-in single-disc AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3, USB connection, 30GB hard drive, music storage feature, Sirius Satellite Radio and rear view backup camera.

Follow the Monteith family on their "Retro to Now Road Trip". Their first blog post is below. Check back to see how their retro to now journey progresses!

Preparing to Go Retro
One day and counting. The kids are so excited. They have been packing for the last month. Every time I am looking for something I find that it has been stashed in one of many bags that is for the big trip! Tonight is the moment of truth though as I go through the kids bags and explain to Madeline (5) that she does not need to take all her Barbies on the trip and Scotty (8) does not need to take all of his favorite stuffed animals. Teddy and Katie are always within limit but I sometimes find that after they "help" the younger kids pack their favorite items are stashed in someone else's bag so they don't have to carry it!

All my friends here have also gotten into the excitement with many of them lending suggestions for Retro ideas. One girlfriend and I actually went into Georgetown to find the perfect vintage clothes to start the trip. My kids OK'd wearing vintage clothes but said I just couldn't act weird or make them do their hair weird. My answer to them is as long as I get to define weird we're good.

Scotty is probably the most excited about being sponsored by Best Western as it has always been his favorite hotel. We travel to Watertown, NY, multiple times a year and one night as we rolled in very late he woke up and said, "I'm so glad we always get to stay in the "Best" hotel. So imagine his excitement when I told him we are staying at Best Westerns for an entire week. A whole week of "best" hotels he says, I don't understand why everyone doesn't stay at them since they are the "best."

That is it for now as is normal for me I haven't packed a thing and am going to try and pack with four excited kids running around adding to and taking out of bags. Hopefully when we get to our first stop nothing crucial will be missing like Teddy's ski gloves on our winter vacation and Katie's bathing suit last year on our summer vacation.


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