Chinese New Year

February 8 2013 by Claudia Kunkel

CNY.jpgLiterally translated as "Spring Festival", the Chinese New Year is the most important holiday on the traditional Chinese calendar. This year, the Year of the Snake, the celebration starts on February 10th and will last 15 days until February 25th. Each of the 15 days has a uniquely beautiful manner of celebration. For example, Day 1 is celebrated with a thunderous explosion of fireworks, music and dancing in the streets. The second day is traditionally set aside for married daughters to make a special visit to their parents, relatives and friends.

The 15th day is commonly known as the Lantern Festival. On this day, families light candles outside their homes to guide wayward spirits home. Many families also choose to light their lanterns and walk together down the street.

The sacred and jovial holiday is known worldwide to be one of the most important recurring events. Very few holidays even come close to the sheer quantity of people who celebrate together. Chinese New Year is celebrated in China and many other Asian countries where the Chinese population is high. If you happen to be in China during the new year celebrations, Best Western hotels are to be found in every major city in China!

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