A White Christmas

December 20 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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Canada White Christmas.jpgSaturday it happened. Actually to be precise it may have started Friday evening, but never the less we all woke up Saturday morning to a cold and beautiful snowstorm. In this case, cold was a good thing, the fact it was so cold made for a much easier shovel-a-thon. The milder the weather, the more moist and in turn heavy the snow is! I have to admit before I get all "pro-snow" on you, that I am really thankful that it hit when it did and missed us last week on our Best Western hockey weekend away!

For Canadians the weather is always a "hot" topic and I think every conversation I have had in the last forty-eight hours started with a reference to the recent storm. It struck me that most people complain about it and commiserate about all the negative things that come along with snow, tough driving conditions, shoveling, cold weather, the list goes on. Very few people on the other hand embrace it and make the most of it. Let's change that! Here are a few things to celebrate about snow!

1) It's beautiful - one of the greatest things about living in Canada are the four very distinct seasons and while each can be beautiful in it's own way, pure white fresh snow and what a beautiful blanket it places over everything can be breath taking. Like it or not, it's hard to argue that it's not beautiful/

2) Snow Days - as a child was there anything more satisfying than a snow day? Waking up only to learn buses weren't running and schools were closed. I know it's chaos for the parents, scrambling to make alternative plans, but those snow days were (and still are) the best.

3) It's romantic - I know that snow is romantic because it makes you want to stay inside, but it's more than that. It makes inside warmer and somehow cozier. It makes you want to sit around a fire and get closer. I truly believe snow brings people together.

4) It's fun - I will argue that a big dump of snow is more fun to play in than a pile of eaves or even a pool. Build a fort, make a snowman, go tobogganing, cross-country or downhill skiing, snowboarding, let's face it snow is fun. We tend to lose that sense of adventure as we age, but get out and enjoy it. Go build a fort!

5) It's nostalgic - I find when it snows; I tend to reminisce more and tell stories about other snowfalls, times where I embraced the weather! Snow has a quality to me that is nostalgic and full of great memories. Is it like that for you too?

Even more good news is we got so much so fast, we are guaranteed a White Christmas! As you are out and about over the next few weeks and months and run into snow try to change your perspective and try to enjoy all the wonderful characteristics of the wonderful white powdery stuff. What is your favourite thing about snow?

Safe travels everyone and Happy Holidays!!

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    By Rebecca Hutson on December 22, 2013 11:29 AM

    Stayed at Best Western last night in Plano Tx. OFF HWY 75 When i checked out this am she never asked me about my room or my stay..If she had I would have told her..
    It was the worst night sleep in along time the bed was terrible....horrible...i tossed and turned all night. I would sleep a few hours and wake up in pain because of the mattress..would roll over and try another way and the same thing a few hrs later...I will never ever stay at that place again. and i hope nobody else does either.,.

    By Best Western on December 23, 2013 4:04 PM

    Hi Rebecca, we're sorry to hear you didn't find your stay satisfactory. Can you please send us more details (name of property, any action management took, etc.) of your experience to customerfeedback@bestwestern.com so we can look into this further? Thank you.

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