Calgary Stampede: Here we come!

July 6 2012 by Bryson Forbes
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A3.jpgThe countdown has been on for months in my house as we get set for a fantastic summer vacation in 2012. We are heading to Calgary this afternoon to start a nine-day getaway with lots of action.

The first cool point is the "we". Leaving from Toronto are my wife, Ruth and I with our two kids, daughter Caira who is nine and my son, Ethan who is 8 along with my mother-in-law, Mary. We are meeting up with my Mom and Dad in Calgary and my sister and her family. She has two girls, Alicia who is 4 and Julia who is almost 2. My Aunt and Uncle are also in Calgary, so for some of the events there will be thirteen of us!

Next noteworthy point is the "where". Our itinerary is awesome! We arrive later today in Calgary and have tickets for opening parade of the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede first thing tomorrow morning! We stay in Calgary for 4 nights and I am super excited for my inaugural stay at a BEST WESTERN PREMIER! We are staying at the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Freeport Inn and Suites and it looks amazing! The kids are salivating about the indoor pool with a water slide. I can't wait to see the spacious rooms complete with a fridge and microwave. I have also been working to get back in shape and the fitness facility looks great and will go a long way to help me stay on track.

A4.jpgAfter four days of Stampede parties and events we leave Calgary next Monday and are heading to Banff. Banff is consistently voted the best destination in Canada and it really is breath taking. I hope we have time to also take in Lake Louise, which is about 30 minutes from Banff.

Tuesday we head further north to Jasper to two nights. We have lots planned there too. Thursday we start to make our way back to Calgary but will stop in Canmore for a night and for me hopefully a round of golf in Kananaskis!

A2.jpgFriday we return to Calgary for a final night before heading home on Saturday!

I will be blogging as we go and look forward to sharing our experiences with you!
Stay tuned! Any tips for me as we make our way West?

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    By Lorene Ababon on July 6, 2012 11:11 PM

    The Best Western in Winslow AZ was not a good experience for me. The price was too high. Upon entering the room I was assigned to, discovered it was a handicap room. I am not handicapped.
    Was told the exercise room and pool were open until 10:00 PM. It was a few minutes after 9:00 PM when I went to the pool and was told by other disappointed customers that the water was cold. 7 people were wanting to swim but left when they discovered how cold the pool was. The water looked murky.
    After driving all day, I was looking forward to some exercise. I left the pool and went to the exercise room about 9:30 PM and my key would not open the door and lights were off. The attendant at the front desk was only present when the bell was rang then disappeared again.
    So much for exercise. Well, thank goodness the WIFI worked for me.

    By Best Western on July 9, 2012 11:36 AM

    Hi Lorene,

    Sorry to hear you weren't pleased with the pool and exercise room. Can you send the details of your stay (dates, any action management took, etc.) to so we can follow up with you and the hotel? Thanks.

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