Canada's Best Christmas Displays

December 23 2013 by Bryson Forbes
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canada christmas displays.jpgI recently came across a great article from CNN that ranked the twelve best Christmas trees around the world. I have to admit there were some really outstanding trees including one made entirely from Lego in Malaysia, another made from recycled bottles in London and last but not least a tree made with more than 8,000 macaroons in North Carolina! All were definitely worthy of the list, but I was shocked and if I'm honest, a little disappointed not to see any from The Great White North. Baffling since the top five real Christmas trees according to the National Christmas Tree Association (yes there is one) are all found in abundance in Canada. For the record they are the Balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, noble fir and Scotch pine.

Just like Best Western, Christmas spirit is everywhere in Canada and I love seeing both, so here's my list of the top five Christmas displays you can find in Canada:

#1 is Niagara Falls and The Winter Festival of Lights

One hundred and twenty-five animated lighting displays and 300 million tree and ground lights turn the five-kilometer route along Niagara Parkway into a winter wonderland. But don't forget the twenty-one light projectors that illuminate the Horseshoe Falls in all colours of the rainbow.

#2 are found in Ottawa with "Christmas Lights Across Canada"

The official illumination ceremony is held early December at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. The end of the ceremony is marked by the "flick of the switch," when over 300,000 shimmering lights brighten Parliament Hill, as well as other notable landmarks along Confederation Boulevard.

# 3 in Toronto with "The Cavalcade of Lights"

This month-long Christmas extravaganza kicks off in Nathan Phillips Square with the lighting of the city's official Christmas tree, followed by the illumination of various light displays in the downtown core. The ceremony concludes with live musical performances and a fireworks display, which are also held every Saturday during the festival.

#4 is Halifax with "The Chronicle Herald Parade of Lights"

This parade is held on an evening in late November and features lights, music and live entertainment. Over 100,000 people gather to watch this anticipated holiday event every year and are never disappointed by the festive floats, holiday carolers, majorettes, marching bands and of course a guest appearance by Santa Claus and his elves.

#5 in Vancouver's Stanley Park for "The Bright Nights"

Looking for a "Griswald" type tree? This is your spot with massive trees throughout the park and although visitors may walk, the best way to appreciate the enchanting displays is aboard the Stanley Park Miniature Train. Kids will also enjoy a trip to the Children's Farmyard where they can see a number of farm animals, including sheep, pigs, goats and more. Special nights throughout the festival offer performances by local choirs and bands in the plaza.

These are only a few across Canada! Where is your favourite place to soak up the Holiday Spirit?

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    By Katharine McMurdo on January 21, 2014 10:12 AM

    Christmas has always been special to me, we build a miniature village out of trees and cotton fluff that fills a large part of the front room. My mother in law crocheted the houses and starched them so they all light up and there are over 1000 pieces by the time it is all but together!
    At UPPER CANADA VILLAGE you can go back in time and be a pioneer over Christmas, hard work and all which is neat with the hay rides and such. or
    go to PHX, AZ where the church there has over million lights on their grounds and you can just walk around with your mouth hanging open, it is free to the public, life size nativity figures reinact the first Christmas and if you do not get enough outside you can tour their large building where they have over 1000 nativities from all over the world perfectly displayed and labeled so everyone knows exactly what they are seeing. that is one night then the next night you go to the ZOO and they have a massive light display set to music you can walk around as often as you like so wear comfortable shoes, it is worth it. then at the Cactus garden they have luminary where they hand light 8000 tea lights in bags placed along the path and you are guided throughout the display. I believe this is more on the weekends rather that through the week that is how we ended up at the zoo because the luminar was closed the zoo was so awesome we go everytime we are in PHX.
    IF you still need another Christmas trip early in Dec in Ellicottville NY they have the neatest Christmas night where all the town participates and they reinact the nativity with a play that all the characters are towns people and the real animals and all and then at the magical moment when Jesus is born the whole town lights up as if on que and then there is shopping and fun for the kids. we went when our daughter was about 15 and she still talks about it.
    Christmas spirit is in your heart so you can have a great christmas no matter where you are! Enjoy, I still have all my decorations up I would love to be able to show the world my village, every segment has a story, the twins that stand infront of the school but never go in, my twrilling sisters on the pond trying to out preform each other, the boys playing hockey in the rink his dad built for him and finally santa flying through the air over the church and through the turits on the castle. I have real cottom balls on the stems from Georgia, pinecones from everywhere we travel, I bring a cone or a rock home and it becomes part of our Christmas in Cobourg. the only place I have NEVER been able to find a cone is in Las Vagas they must have the best town maintenance grew in the world cause there are never any cones just lieing around waiting to go home with me! remember Christmas is a state of mind and you can have it anywhere, anytime K

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