Do You Exercise Anymore?

October 22 2012 by Chris McGinnis
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hotel fitness.jpgI long ago ditched the idea of packing running shoes--they don't fit in my carry on bag anymore.

Last month a reporter from USA Today emailed me to ask about my exercise habits on the road. Here's a link to the article she wrote, based on the full interview below.

Read on to see how I try and stay fit when I'm out and about on business:

Do you find it difficult or easy to work out when you're traveling?
With work life and personal life blurring at home and on the road, I find that I rarely have enough time to work in a work out.

Have you ever tried working out in your hotel room? If so, what exercises were you able to do?
I frequently do a few sets of push ups and sit ups. If I need to blow off some steam, but the weather outside is bad, I'll huff and puff up and down hotel stairwells.

What have you noticed about hotel fitness centers? Are they getting better or worse? What have been some of your favorite ones?
I think they seem to be getting better, and more and more frequently, I'm seeing them installed with decent elliptical trainers, which is my equipment of choice.

Do you exercise outside of your hotel? If so what do you do? Do you look for parks to go to? Do you find sporting leagues? Do you hike? Anything else?
When I am unable to bring along workout clothes, I always make time for long walks in and around big parks or on streets that are somewhat open--- staying away from big busy downtown areas. Examples: Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Central Park or more recently the Hudson River Park in NYC, Runyon Canon or Santa Monica in LA, Also, just discovered the awesome barge towpath along the Grand Union Canal near Paddington Station in London.

Are you a runner? If so, where do you run when you are traveling? Have you found hotels that offer running tours or help facilitate the activity by perhaps providing maps?
I used to be a runner, but now that I don't have room for my running shoes in the carry on, I've stopped. I think a long walk is great exercise-- it's just good to be outdoors after spending so many hours in offices or on trade show floors full of stale air. The main reason I like doing walks instead of going to the gym is the sweat factor-- I can take a long walk and burn off some calories and clear my head without having to change clothes and shower like I would after a gym workout. Plus it gives me an opportunity to see a lot more of the city I'm in...outside the hotel or meeting room walls.

Do you practice yoga? If so, how do you maintain your routine on the road? Have you found hotels that offer yoga classes or yoga videos or yoga equipment in your room?
I'm an on again, off again yoga practitioner... I've memorized many of the positions and routines from instructors and am able to do this in my hotel room to help get ready for a long day, or relax and restore after a long trip--- I find deep breathing exercises help a lot after long plane flights.

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    By Tony Morris on October 25, 2012 9:38 AM

    Love that you realized the value of how physical exercise impacts our mental and emotional states. And, that we can find stimulating ways to get that nourishment - even outside the confines of a a gym or fitness center.

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