Fall Travel Personalities

November 14 2013 by Mike Mason
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fall travel destinations.jpgWhether you are longing for another month of summer weather, anxiously anticipating the first winter powder-day or joyfully living in the colorful fall season, there is always a seasonal destination for you. Take advantage of low-rates and smaller crowds during travel's off-season in any of these destinations.

Sun Chasers - Honolulu, Hawaii

That perfect tan that you procured all summer is beginning to fade. Your feet cry out to your discarded sandals from their laced prisons and your brightly colored fingernails are shrouded in your pockets to keep warm. When the temperature drops, so does your attitude. But, we have good news for you. Fall is the perfect time to travel to most tropical destinations. The Hawaiian Islands enjoy a lull in tourism during these short months but not due to poor weather. With average temperatures in the mid-80s, this is the perfect time of year to catch a wave and some rays. Best Western hotels in Hawaii are close to the airport, but even closer to the beach. Learn more about great seasonal rates.

Snow Seekers - Vancouver, British Columbia

You spend the summers skateboarding and water skiing, but it's only a band-aid for the pain you feel being away from the snowy slopes of the winter months. As soon as temperatures drop below 70 degrees, you're lighting a log in your fireplace and enjoying a hot cocoa. Quit faking it and get the real ski lodge experience. North America's top-rated ski destinations open doors sooner than you think. On November 28th, you and your friends could be floating through the first powder day of the season. With four Best Western hotels in Vancouver and more in nearby cities, you have lots of options for comfortable lodging.

Fall Color Fans - Portland, Maine

There's a perfect time of year, when the AC and the furnace are both turned off and all you need is the cool breeze blowing through the windows. Your mood is as bright as the changing leaves and you can finally wear that favorite cardigan. You love the fall and the fall loves you. Let your love guide you to a destination where you can enjoy some of the most vibrant foliage tours and beautiful sunrises. Portland, Maine, is home to some of the most dramatic fall transformations. Eight Best Western locations in the cozy state of Maine keep you close to all the sights and sounds of your favorite season.

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    By Hilary on December 10, 2013 12:15 PM

    Thanks for sharing this! I have actually been wanting to visit Canada... There is a water heater in Winnipeg that I have my eye one!

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