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March 12 2012 by Bryson Forbes
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iStock_000017786859XSmall.jpgOne of the fastest growing segments that we are seeing in travel and tourism today is "Girls Getaways". In fact, according to the Canadian Tourism Commission female bonding vacations in North America have spiked by 230% over the last 6 years! No longer considered a niche, travel providers are starting to take notice and cater to this powerful group's wants and needs.

Here are just a few examples of neat ideas as spring draws near that you can hopefully use as inspiration to begin to plan a well-deserved escape.

According to Beth Mairs, founder and director of Ontario-based Wild Women Expeditions, more than 70% of Canadians who book adventure tours are women. She makes a great point that adventure travel doesn't mean you need to be a "Xena Princess Warrior": in fact, the average age of her clientele is 47 and a size 12.

One example could be a golf trip. Although they have typically been dominated by men courses are now catering more and more to women. Grab a foursome or two, find a course and the nearest Best Western, and have a blast.

Another growing trend specifically within the female travel segment are food and wine based tours. Don't think run-of-the-mill cooking classes here either - many of these trips are inspired by region. Instead, picture a Tuscan-based food and wine weekend where women are eating and drinking popular food and wine from the region. Sounds pretty appealing to me.

One of the best I have heard of combines wine with a cycling tour. In fact, in both the Niagara region in Ontario and Okanagan Valley in BC you can cycle from winery to winery and sample some award winning wine!

Lastly, a little more traditional and still a staple are wellness retreats that can combine the spa, with education, and even self-improvement seminars. One popular focus that combines all three elements has become yoga travel.

A spa-based weekend with daily yoga sessions and spirituality are a great way to recharge the batteries and really get some time for you. A great destination to check out in Canada is Orangeville, ON. The BEST WESTERN PLUS Orangeville Inn and Suites provides a great home base and they have a first class spa right in the hotel.

Whatever it is you like to do, get your girlfriends organized and join the growing number of female-only groups out exploring and ultimately having fun. Tell us about some of your ideas and upcoming plans with the girls.

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    By Fred on March 12, 2012 10:22 AM

    I had a reservation set for the Best Western at 140 State Farm Pkwy,
    Birmingham, AL, 35209, United States off Lakeshore Dr. I had just finished driving 13 hours and was ready to get in take a shower and get some rest. I had no idea that once I got there the manager was going to be so rude. I had a rate of $54 dollars reserved to come an see my family and the manager refused to give me my room. He told me I had to pay at least $120 dollars for the room. I state " Are you kidding me" I showed him my reservations, the document that was emailed to me" and he still refused to let me have my room.

    I was livid after that. He told me to either pay or go somewhere else. I told him to go to hell- and I went somewhere else. I had to stay at a Holiday Inn in another city. I told them what happened. They understood. They allowed me to check in early and even gave me a later check out. They as the young kids would say ( Should me love). I appreciate the crew of the Holiday Inn for finding a room for me and too my preference. From now on, all my business, professional and personal will go to Holiday Inn and their affiliates because a manager at Best Western decided he was going to try and take advantage of me. Not today or any other day will that ever happen again.

    Thanks but no thanks Best Western.

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