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July 15 2013 by Chris McGinnis
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I care clean.jpgTo help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Best Western's pioneering I Care Clean program, I worked with travel expert John DiScala (aka JohnnyJet) on a Twitter chat devoted to the subject of Hotel Hygiene.

The popular chat drew thousands of tweets (and retweets!) and resulted in some great tips from experts and frequent travelers for staying clean when staying at hotels.

Here's a sampling:

>Travel with a small bottle of Lysol (or other antibacterial spray or wipes) and use them on frequently touched hotel room items like TV remote, the bedside lamp switch, door knobs, light switches, phones, faucets and toilet flushers.

>If you still are not sure about the TV remote, you can place it in a clear plastic bag (or even a clear shower cap) and it will still work.

>Inspect the hotel bed mattress crevices and sheets for signs of bedbugs, which look like flat apple seeds, and sometimes leave trails of dried blood.

>To avoid bringing bedbugs home with you, always place luggage on a shelf or luggage rack, not on the carpet--the same goes for your dirty clothes.

>Only use wrapped plastic cups or sealed water bottles-- likely to be more hygienic than glasses, and mugs supplied by hotel, which may or may not have been cleaned properly. If you must use a glass or mug supplied by the hotel, wash it first.

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    By Elaine Livingstone on July 20, 2013 1:54 PM

    puts you off going to a hotel.

    By Elisa Jed on December 10, 2013 10:22 AM

    Do they use the same techniques for their carpet cleaning? I know a lot of people are worried when it comes to the floors of hotels, but it would be nice to know that they deep clean those as well.

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