Mild Spring Means More Travel

April 25 2012 by Bryson Forbes
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iStock_000019970994XSmall.jpgHave any of you been watching Frozen Planet on the Discovery Channel lately? What a great show. In some weird and unexplainable way it makes me feel even more proud to be Canadian. But I wonder if that's because this year in my neck of the woods it's been so mild?

Having been somewhat de-sensitized to the cold at least for this year, what will it do for travel and tourism in Canada?

According to the Hotel Association of Canada, it does in fact mean more travel! Whether or not the weather (thanks for noticing the use of words) has anything to do with it - Canadians claim to be and anecdotally are ready to hit the road more this spring, in fact the largest anticipated numbers since 2007. This year 75% of the people surveyed claimed they would hit the road and travel but the mild weather may spike that number even further and here's why:

- Less traffic accidents - the milder conditions have hurt car repair centres with a lot less fender benders this year. With thousands of dollars less paid to re-paint cars there is more for fun things like sight-seeing, eating out and checking into your favourite Best Western!

- Less money spent of heating your home - your furnace likely feels like it was under-worked this year and in turn you saved some serious dough. My bill for gas was down more than $600 between November and March compared to last year. That is all extra money for my pending trip to the Calgary Stampede!

- Lastly, most of us enjoy the start of spring as a new beginning and a chance to get out and explore. Canadians especially who tend to hibernate in the winter embrace the spring and since it started so much earlier this year - we are "out and about". Friends of ours went camping in March locally...unheard of!

Have you noticed a greater sense to travel, are you enjoying the mild weather and exploring? If so let us know what you plan to do and where you plan to be.

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    By bills8091 on September 6, 2013 5:58 PM

    Most of the money I saved went into furnace repair in Arvada, CO. It can actually get really cold here sometimes.

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