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May 22 2012 by Mike Mason
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iStock_000017233306XSmall.jpgAdvancements in travel gadgets over the past ten years have made business travel a lot less stressful and no gadgets have had a bigger impact than smart phones and tablets. Armed with the right apps these devices can provide their owners with tools that once would have taken an entire suitcase to fill. Here are few great travel apps that will help you get the most out of your smart phone or tablet:

FlightTrack Pro ($9.99)
Need a tool to help you stay up-to-date on your flights? The FlightTrack Pro app keeps you in the know with real-time status changes to flight details, including delays, gates, and cancellations via push notifications. All you have to do is import your airline flight confirmation via email. FlightTrack Pro can also help you predict delays with airports warnings and historical delay forecasts. If you find yourself needing to change your flight plans due to delays or cancellations, FlightTrack Pro also allows you to find other flight options with simple touch of the screen.

Xpense Tracker (4.99)
Xpense Tracker is a great app if you are looking to organize business expenses for tax purposes or reimbursement. The app allows you to track all your airfare, mileage, food, lodging, and other expense right on your phone and combine them into an expense report. With your phone's camera you can make copies of all your receipts and attach them to the expenses. From there you can export the expense report in plain text or CSV format for import into Excel or Numbers.
Urban Spoon (Free)
Looking for an amazing sushi restaurant in downtown Miami, but not familiar with the area? Urban Spoon serves as your personal concierge in finding the closest, hottest, or best deal in town. Search by type of food, location, price, popularity and read critics' reviews and other patron's recommendations.
If you're really feeling adventurous use the apps "shake" option and your phone will select a restaurant for you based on your parameters.

LogMeIn Ignition ($129.99)
LogMeIn Ignition isn't the cheapest app around, but if the expense isn't an issue it's a great tool for the businessperson on the go. The app allows your phone or tablet to control your computer remotely and gives you access to all your files and applications on that computer. LogMeIn Ignition also allows you to transfer and save files, print files, attach files to emails, manage photos, and stream HD video and sound between your device and computer.

Best Western to Go (Free)
Best Western to Go is the ultimate app for itinerary planning and hotel booking. Powered by TripIt, the app's "My Trips" feature allows you to forward all your travel confirmations to TripIt and the app combines all your plans into a single trip itinerary. Best Western to Go also lets you find and book rooms at any of the thousands of Best Western hotels worldwide, check your reservations, view your rewards, and connect with Best Western via Twitter or Facebook.

Do you use any of these or other travel apps to optimize your business travel? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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    By KT Pierce on May 22, 2012 1:26 PM

    I know this doesn't have anything to do with the blog post, but there wasn't anywhere obvious on the site to write to BW corporate, so here I am. I am driving across the country from North Carolina to California. Let me be the first (?) to remind you that hotels are for travelers, not just for rich vacationers. This means that some odd drive times will occur. If two weary & exhausted, but good, people walk in at 5:00am do NOT tell them that check in time is at 3pm! If you have plenty of empty rooms and you also aren't booked up the following night, then SELL THE ROOM. Why lose that money? Allow them to check in at 5am, do NOT tell them they have to check out in just a few hours at 11am.. Tell them they have the room for THAT night. The hotel should allow it to become the "next day" after the 3am night audit has completed. Just some friendly advice to help business pick up and to help prevent people like me (who used to ONLY stay at Best Western and keeps up with her points) from saying what I am saying to you right now: I WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER BEST WESTERN EVER AGAIN. I am done supporting this chain. If can't support travelers, what in the world are you doing??

    By Ms. Zofia Eichenlaub on May 22, 2012 4:40 PM

    To Whom it Might Concern:

    I arrived tired at B/W Roehampton, Toronto, 05/16/12. In March 2012, I paid for non smoking room. At my check inn forcefully I was offered smoking room, as the only availability. Not willing to breathe toxins, I stated that I was allergic to cigarette smoke, only then I got what I paid for. Very interesting how quickly non smoking room became available, when Best Western front desk clerk was presented with potential breathing emergency.

    Horrid & disappointing way to be treated by my new hotel choice & no longer my favorite. I wonder if my accent suggested that less than acceptable reception would be sufficient.


    Ms. Zofia Eichenlaub

    By Best Western on May 22, 2012 5:33 PM

    Hi KT,

    Very sorry to hear about this, we're extremely sympathetic to your situation and would like to follow-up with you further. Can you please e-mail us details of dates and location? While each hotel is individually owned and operated, we would still like to follow up with you and the hotel regarding this.


    By Best Western on May 22, 2012 10:50 PM


    We're sorry you weren't satisfied with your level of service. Can you please e-mail the details (dates, location, all action management took) to

    We would like to follow up with you and also the hotel regarding this matter.


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