Foodie Road Trip

April 9 2014 by Mike Mason

foodie road trip.jpgMaybe it's because we watch too many cooking programs on TV, but the standard for restaurant quality has gone through the roof in recent years. A decade ago you may not have thought to choose your destination for the delicious food. Today, foodie road trips are all the rage. So, where do you need to go to get that Iron Chef experience without hopping on an international flight? The East Coast of the United States has a flavor for every meal.

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Time Travel: The Evolution of Travel

April 8 2014 by James West

Vintage-Travel-[Converted].jpgHilo! That is how we say "hello" in the future. That's right; I have traveled back in time with a very important mission: to teach you the evolution of travel. This will not be a lesson on the history of transportation, although transportation has played an integral role in my message. Instead, what I've prepared for you is a story of how traveling, as a pastime, has become such an important part of our lives. My goal and mission is to inspire you to travel more so that you don't end up like the depressing individuals I have to live with in the future who have forgotten its virtues. Shall we begin?

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Wondering About Mt. Rushmore

April 7 2014 by Sam Lowe

mount rushmore south dakota.jpgKEYSTONE, S.D. - Mount Rushmore, located here in the Black Hills about 23 miles south of Rapid City, has always been an awe-inspiring source of wonderment for me. And now, as I grow older, it increases rather than diminishes because I still can't figure out how they did it. I check history books, video presentations and computer representations, but am still mystified about how Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers were able to turn a granite mountain into the heads of four presidents.

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Four Great Motorcycle Modifications Under $100

April 7 2014 by Jason Fogelson

motorcycle modifications.jpgWinter is over, spring is here, and there's just enough time to make a few minor tweaks and modifications to our bikes before we start riding again. I'm cheap, but even I will try a few of these modifications under $100:

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More Than Cheesesteaks

April 4 2014 by Sam Lowe

philadelphia travel.jpgPHILADELPHIA - In troubled times like these, when nobody seems to be doing anything right politically, this city is a refreshing reminder of how things were originally intended to be. Even though they didn't quite work out that way.

It is steeped in the history of the nation's earliest days, securely quartered in such places as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell Museum and Franklin Square. And the Italian Market and the cheesesteak.

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Motorcycle Buyer Mistakes

March 26 2014 by Jason Fogelson

motorcycle buying tips.jpgI love my bike. I really do. But I think it might be time for a new ride, and I'm torn with indecision. You see, I've had my current ride, a 1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster named "Manny," since 1994 - and 20 years is a long time. In the course of my job, I get to ride a lot of new bikes. Jumping on Manny after a week on a 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited brings a lot of things into focus.

Technology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds since the last century, and I immediately miss some of the new cool features that I can get on a 2014 bike that weren't even a glimmer of possibility on the 1993 Harley. Everything's better, smoother and safer than it used to be, and that elemental connection that I feel on my old bike starts to feel less charming and more annoying. My old bike has gotten to the point where every time I take a long ride, I discover something else that has worn out and needs to be repaired. New bikes will get to that point eventually - my bike is there now. So it's time for a change.

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The best credit card for business travel?

March 25 2014 by Chris McGinnis

best hotel credit cards.jpgIt happened again today. A frequent traveling friend called and said, "Chris, I feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't get a new credit card. What's the best one out there?"

And once again, I gave my pat answer: "Well, it depends."

There is really no such thing as a "best" credit card for business travelers. But there is likely a best card for you.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself when considering packing a new card in your wallet:

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6 Tips to Lighten your Luggage Load

March 24 2014 by Claudia Kunkel

travel packing tips.jpgTraveling for work is just part of the job for many of us. We may go on overnights to see clients around the state or region. Other times we are away from home for a week while at a convention or visiting the company's headquarters. Wherever we are headed and for whatever length of time, there are ways to make the traveling part efficient and thus as enjoyable as possible.

Having a successful business trip takes advance planning as well as being flexible with inevitable schedule changes. To assist our planning, we will outline some ABC's of packing.

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Wild For Wildflowers

March 21 2014 by James West

spring wildflower destinations.jpgYou've seen it in just about every dream sequence or happy flashback, a person frolicking in slow motion through beautiful wildflowers on a hilltop. Even though it's typically used for comedic effect, there is something appealing about this image. Is it the colors that paint the landscape, the warm sunny weather, or maybe the look of pure child-like joy on the actor's face? Whatever the reason, we can all agree that we'd like to be there, picking dandelions and singing our worries away. In celebration of spring, we've compiled three of our favorite wildflower destinations so that you can re-enact your own dream sequence.

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