The Fabric of Our Riding Lives

March 20 2014 by Jason Fogelson
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harley davidson leather jacket.jpgAs riding season rapidly approaches, it's time to take a look into that gear closet and see what's what. This week, I decided to look over my riding jackets, and I realized that I needed to make a few changes to suit my riding. I decided to do a little more research before moving forward.

The idea of specialized riding gear evolved with the motorcycle. Initially, the primary purpose of a motorcycle jacket was weather protection. Early motorcyclists probably wore the same clothing that they wore when bicycling or horseback riding. In many cases, the early jackets were made of canvas or waxed cotton, which did a pretty good job of repelling moisture and cutting the wind.

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Getting Married Soon? Best Wedding Destinations!

March 20 2014 by Claudia Kunkel

wedding destinations.jpgSpring is here, flowers are blooming and love is in the air. We all either know someone that is getting married this year or possibly you're the one getting married! Everyone has their own opinion and views on attending weddings and whether it's the food, beverages or entertainment that makes a wedding a success or, for some, makes it enjoyable. And, let's not forget the real reason we joyfully attend the weddings - to see people we truly care about exchanging vows.

Of course, there is the destination wedding. A popular choice for many couples as it helps to narrow down the guest list to close family and friends. There is the additional benefit of having all of the wedding details wrapped into package deals relieving much of the stress related to planning a wedding.

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Spring Break Splash - Best Beaches

March 18 2014 by James West

best spring break beaches.jpgSchool's out for spring! The month of March brings beautiful weather for a majority of the country and Spring Break is a great time for some family bonding and vacation time. If you're looking for a change of scenery and plenty of sunshine to recharge yourself until summer, keep reading. We've listed our top picks for beaches that will make for an unforgettable vacation.

First up is Hawaii! Hawaii boasts some of the best beaches in the world, especially on the island of Kauai, our favorite being Poipu Beach. It is the perfect location for you and your family to relax on the sand, swim with the dolphins and even take surf lessons at the Kauai Surf School. Kauai also has world class deep-sea fishing adventures for those who want off the beach and on to the water!

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Travel Tips for Bringing the Kids on Biz Trips

March 17 2014 by Mike Mason

family business travel.jpgHere it is ‒ the year is fully underway and hopefully you've started thinking about and maybe even scheduling your various vacation plans for the year. Spring Break and Easter are right around the corner. The kids' summer vacation is almost within view. Where do you want to go this year? The beach, the mountains, the big cities or travel abroad ‒ they are all excellent choices!

Many business travelers hate that they are away from their family so much. It can feel like you hardly ever see your kids with all their activities and busy schedules. Vacation time with the family is something to definitely look forward to!

But, what if you didn't have to wait until the annual spring break or summer vacation rolls around? What if you could combine business with pleasure and bring the family on a business trip?

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Dinosaur Discovery, Best Western Style!

March 14 2014 by Claudia Kunkel

Acrocanthosaurus-skull-stamped-web-v2.jpgDid you know an Apatosaurus was as long as three school buses and weighed between 25-40 tons?

Did you know that during the Jurassic Era, huge dinosaurs like the Allosaurus and the Stegosaurus roamed what is now present day Colorado?

Did you also know that there is a Best Western hotel dedicated to these dinosaurs and others that once roamed North America? I didn't think so.

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7 Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Summer Family Vacation

March 13 2014 by Manny Ruiz
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kid friendly summer vacation.jpgI don't know about you, but whenever I have to spring my watch forward for daylight savings, it instantly serves as my annual reminder that my wife and I need to start planning our family's summer vacation.

There are many advantages to plotting your summer travel early starting with the fact that you can get better deals on airfare and hotels and that you can even score tickets to attractions that usually get reserved months in advance (Alcatraz comes to mind).

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Best Western helps you stay "Plugged In"

March 13 2014 by Bryson Forbes

electrical vehicle charger.jpgNo folks not another blog about free Wi-Fi, this time it's another amenity that industry pioneer, Best Western is making available to their clients. Best Western Canada is leading the hotel industry in the installation of Electrical Vehicle (EV) chargers with more than 50 installed or in the process of being installed across the country.

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"Kids' on a Plane!"

March 10 2014 by Mike Mason
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kids on a plane.jpgIf your kids are anything like mine, they lack two important pieces of airplane etiquette; inside voices and a sense of personal space. For most parents, this means that most flights end with scowls from all sides as they walk down the terminal dragging a screaming child. Here are a few things I've learned along the way for keeping your kids feet off the seat in front of them and turning loud whining into quiet smiles.

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Drop Everything and Ride to Daytona!

March 6 2014 by Jason Fogelson

Daytona Bike Week.jpgHoly Cow! How did this happen again? It's March already, and it's time to drop everything and get down to Daytona, Florida for Bike Week!

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