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November 26 2012 by Bryson Forbes
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winter.jpgIt's official. I made my appointment for Monday to slap the winter tires on the car, so in mind it is now officially winter. A reminder by the way, it's the temperature not the amount of snow that dictates winter tire use. When the temperature is consistently below seven degrees Celsius, you road warriors need to get winter boots on your vehicle! If I were living in Calgary or Edmonton I would have been at least two weeks late but never the less it's getting cold. There are two options, start complaining or find some strategies to make the best of it. Here's my list of seven things I will be doing over the next four months to make the most of the cold.

1) Build a rink - for the first time in my life I will be building my own mini ice rink in the backyard! I have the kit (thanks Canadian Tire) and a nice patch of relatively flat space in the back. You are in for hours of fun, exercise and cold weather is an essential ingredient!

2) Weekend Away - we actually have three weekends planned, two hockey tournaments and a family escape! Best Westerns are booked, see you soon Brantford, London, and Ottawa!

Skiing - cross-country skiing! As a kid every weekend my parents took us cross country skiing, which for those who don't know is like downhill skiing without the downhill! Making it great exercise and beautiful way to enjoy the cold.

4) Go curling -Such a great Canadian iconic sport and having a beer during the game is actually encouraged. "SWEEP!" Trust me this is one of those winter activities that might look easy but is way more difficult in real life.

5) Throw a party - when was the last time you threw a party just because! Call it a winter bash! How about a Hawaiian theme? Invite your friends, throw on the fireplace and use it as an excuse to have fun!

6) Santa Claus Parade - we are attending the 99th Toronto Parade this Sunday and managed to score VIP tickets. has been a symbol in the city and one of the unofficial kick offs to Christmas the winter season!

Build a snow fort - another great child hood memory is erecting a massive snow fort. Admittedly the snow doesn't conjure up the same happy emotion anymore, but building a snow fort seems like a great idea, even at forty!

The point is winter is only a matter of perspective. The easy thing to do is sit around the water cooler and complain about the cold. Don't' fall into that trap, dress properly and makes plans to enjoy the winter. It will be spring before you know it.

What are your plans this season?

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    By nancy on November 27, 2012 9:15 AM

    Our fav Best western is in Cornwall Ontario Canada... They have whirpool and fireplace rooms.. Very romantic Been at least 12 times. great buffet and brunch and onky 45 mins from my home.. Check it out..

    By Bryson on November 28, 2012 11:07 AM

    Sounds charming! I will definitely look into it. I grew up just outside Ottawa and used to travel there quite a bit to play hockey. Bryson

    By elizabeth on December 11, 2012 2:30 PM

    My favorite wintertime travel destination is Lake Tahoe, always!!!
    We can hit the slopes or hang out near a fireplace or play inthe snow.
    Always something going on the North or South shores to be happy about.
    Brings lots of friends to party the night away too!!

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