New Year's Resolutions That I Intend to Keep

January 2 2013 by Sam Lowe
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2013 resolutions.jpgThis year, I'm going to forget about all those promises I made to lose weight, cut down on ice cream consumption, stop getting upset about the economy, quit hating the New York Yankees and start exercising more. This year, I'm making resolutions that I can actually keep because they're all travel-related and, having reached senior-dom, I am older and wiser now.

To begin with, no more complaining about how gasoline used to cost 25 cents a gallon when I was a kid and 50 cents would buy enough fuel to cruise Main Street for an hour. That ship has sailed and it ain't coming back so quit whining about it.

Next, put on a happy face and acquire some patience while standing in line at the airport security check. I will remember the Three Negative G's: Grumbling doesn't make the line move faster, griping only makes the time pass more slowly, and grousing only upsets you and, probably, the people next to you.

In 2013, I will see more of the United States. I have never been to Chicago. A lot of people find this amazing and most of them say it's a gotta-go-to place that cannot be missed. Also on my list are visits to the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana, the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, and Stone Mountain in Georgia, plus watching Notre Dame play football at South Bend, seeing a production in Carnegie Hall, and eating a chicken-fried steak somewhere in Iowa just because I like the way it sounds.

I will make more short trips around my home state of Arizona and the bordering states of Utah, New Mexico, California and Colorado. They're all less than a day's drive away so there's not much time limitation. I want to revisit the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, the White Sands of New Mexico, Disneyland in California and Bryce Canyon in Utah. Seeing them once was not enough.

I promise to stay at Best Western every time it's an option because I know the rooms will always be clean, the service will always be up to my personal standards, and there's always plenty of parking spots.

Also, I will strive to reserve aisle seats on long plane flights. In my earlier years, I always asked for a window seat but now, age has determined that crawling, scrambling, or tripping over two or three other people to get to the toilet is no longer an exercise that holds any type of appeal.

And finally, if I'm uncertain about where I'm going, I will swallow my macho pride and stop and ask directions. This will not only get me there faster, it will also make my wife happy.

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    By George Ice on January 4, 2013 4:05 PM

    My wife and I were in trouble. We had driven from Corvallis, Oregon toward Spokane, WA where I was going to receive an award in Forest Science at the Society of American Foresters National Convention. Our plan was to stop at a motel along the way and complete the trip in the morning. But it was getting close to midnight, we were running low on gas, and we didn't have many options to find a place to stay. But we remember a pleasant stay in Ritzville at the Best Western Plus several years earlier. We drove there hoping they had a room. They did! We were greeted with hospitality and caring. We enjoyed our room, the written greeting for travelers, the exercise room, and the breakfast. It was a wonderful stay and we will remember the Ritzville Best Western as our oasis on a wonderful trip.

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