2010 Travel Resolutions

January 22 2010 by Bryson Forbes

travel-photo-wr.jpgMy wife Ruth and I sat down last weekend in attempt to come up with five travel-related resolutions for 2010. The process itself was really enjoyable and an excellent catalyst to create a wish list for the year. Here are the results:

1. Take more pictures.

We love to sit around and reminisce about some of the trips we've taken. Two years ago, we got really motivated and took lots of pictures and even created and printed photobooks as keepsakes. There are many online services to choose from; we've used www.photoworks.com and have been delighted each time. Unfortunately, we didn't do so well last year and it's a shame. In 2010, we vow to make sure we get back to it because it's so easy with digital. The process is fun and the memories last a lifetime.

2. More spontaneous weekend getaways.

If you're like me, weekends can come and go so fast and simply get filled up with "stuff". Last year, with very little notice, we took off for a night at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn in London (90 minutes from home). They have a fantastic indoor pool with a water slide--we had a blast. It was a great value and gave us some really nice "family time". We liked it so much we made it a plan to become more spontaneous! (How's that for counter intuitive?)

3. Go somewhere new outside our comfort zone.

It's easy to return somewhere familiar and, as creatures of habit, we do this all the time. This year, we resolve to go somewhere new and do something that we would not naturally gravitate toward. We discussed coming up with fun ways to uncover a new place to visit. One idea was to visit the hometown of the first athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics this year. Another was to go to www.bestwestern.com and play a game with the kids where we ask questions in order to narrow down a search until we find a new place to go. For example, cities that start with the first letter in their names, with a pool, etc.

4. Travel with friends.

We've had a blast travelling with other friends and families before. A weekend getaway presents the perfect opportunity to test the waters. A week can be a long time if you don't quite click on the road, but a nice, short weekend getaway is a great way to solidify friendships and learn more about each other.

5. Embrace Technology

Both my wife and I have iPhones, and we've downloaded a number of cool travel apps. Air Canada has a great one that allows you to check in, pick your seat and find out about any delays or cancellations. "Best Western to Go" lets users easily find locations worldwide, make reservations and share details of those trips with friends and family. Best Western to Go, by the way, is a perfect companion for resolution #2; once we pick our destination, we can use the app to find a Best Western in the area we want to stay. This year, we'll take a trip with everything booked, researched and executed via iPhone--now that's embracing technology!

What resolutions have you made for this year?

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