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January 3 2012 by Jason Fogelson
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iStock_000017065865XSmall.jpgI just looked back over my blog entries for the past year. One thing jumped out at me immediately: No matter how much you plan, life has a way of taking its own course.

Last year I asked, "Did you ride as much as you meant to in 2010? Me, either. Do you plan to do something about it in 2011? Me, too."

This year, I started off right, with a great trip to the Gulf Coast. I rode through five states in six days, meeting new people, eating great food and discovering some great BEST WESTERN Hotels along the way.

Then, a health scare took me off the road for a few months. I suffered a Deep-Vein Thrombosis as a result of confinement during a flight on a commercial airliner. I certainly didn't plan that.

I resolved to recover and continue riding. I made up for lost time during late summer and into autumn.

I went on a fantastic trip to Western Oregon. I made some new friends at the BEST WESTERN Inn at Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon, and went on a memorable ride with Bandon Bill. I spent an afternoon tasting wines at the vineyards near the BEST WESTERN University Inn & Suites in Forest Grove, Oregon. I stopped by Mt. Saint Helens to see the famous volcano in Washington. It was a memorable trip.

I flew to Kelowna, British Columbia to join a group of Canadian journalists for a ride on the 2012 Harley-Davidson lineup, stopping at BEST WESTERN Hotels on both sides of the border. I rode across the US/Canada border in both directions for the first time. I rode a Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic trike for the first time, up to the peak of the Road to the Sun at Glacier National Park, Montana. I met some fantastic new friends, all riders who share my passion for motorcycles and for travel.

I explored Eastern Washington on an Electra Glide. After starting out in Seattle, I rode to Bellingham and stayed overnight at the lovely BEST WESTERN PLUS Lakeway Inn. The next day, I met up with a group of Harley owners at Mt. Baker Harley-Davidson, and dealership owner Greg Head led us on a beautiful ride along the Chuckanut, one of the best roads in the area, until we reached a friendly lunch spot in Acme, Washington. I met some new friends, and have promised to return for more rides and future lunches. I continued on, exploring the unique topography of Eastern Washington and finding surprises and delights all along the way.

The common denominators on each trip: BEST WESTERN Hotels, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, and fantastic people. And great food.

This year, I look forward to more of the same. Lots more of the same.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

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    By David Dew on January 4, 2012 1:30 PM

    We have just recently spent a week at the Best Western Mezona Inn in Mesa, Arizona. We chose this location because it was centrally located for what we wanted to do and because of the ammenities it offered. We found the front desk and housekeeping staff to be very kind, helpful and accomodating, however the same cannot be said for the maintenance staff. On Jan. 1 after being out all day and returning at 9:00 p.m. we were trying to get some sleep when they decided to clean the pool deck and use a very noisy wet vaccum. The following day they decided to paint the pool deck which meant we couldn't use the pool all day. When we appoached the staff on both occasions we found them to be rude and unaccomodating. This was very dissappointing because this was our first experience in Arizona and of all the people we met and associated with in Arizona I must say these people were the only ones we found to be unpleasant. We otherwise found Arizona people to be pleasant, happy, helpful and very friendly. We also travel often and frequently stay at a Best Western Hotel and of all the experiences we have had with Best Western this was the only unpleasant one. We are dissapointed.

    By kathy marks on January 9, 2012 8:36 AM

    regret not having the money to go to South Africa resolve to go to a beach this year not sure where ? Anywhere!

    By tracey on January 9, 2012 9:56 PM

    My husband is taking me on a trip to Jamaica for the first time for our 24 the anniversary. I am so excited. Thanks Honey!!!!!!!!!

    By Kathy McCrite on January 16, 2012 3:51 PM

    We probably spent 1/4 of our year in motels and never had a bad experience as long as we were at Best Westerns. Think we had over 60 nights in Best Westerns alone. Went on 2 road trips of 3 weeks each and neither could have been better!

    By Brenda Chrimes on January 22, 2012 7:14 PM

    2011 was a bad year. In March son's house burnted down, in April in-laws went to nursing home. In June mother in law died. Health issues took up the rest of the year. But this is a big year... Florida in Feburary to see son, Connecticut in June for 50th class reunion. Also 50th wedding anniversary. September back to Connecticut for a wedding. and want to go to New York City around Christmas. Will get traveling more from now on.

    By Melanie on January 30, 2012 7:36 AM

    I am Grandma to a brood of grandchildren numbering 10. My husband and I took the family to Hawaii for 5 days because thats all we could afford. 15 of us! 3 families. 5 adults, 10 children. We had a great time! Our only regret, we spent all 5 days taking in tours to get to know the Island. It meant we were left with little time to enjoy our BEACHFRONT hotel or to do any retail shopping! If there is ever a next time... we will lengthen our trip to assure we get it all done! Must get those souveniers!

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