Hockey Road Trip

April 28 2009 by Bryson Forbes
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roadhockey.jpgAs the weather north of the 49th parallel begins to heat up, hockey nets have taken up their permanent fixture and the kids have officially declared the start of road hockey season. Shouts of "car!"and "game on!" are echoing around neighbourhoods.

Although I still participate weekly in a men's ice hockey league, I have to admit I haven't played road hockey in years. But that is about to change.

I just heard about a great event that "Hockey Night in Canada" has organized nationally called "Play On" - The Official Canadian Road Hockey Championship and outdoor hockey festival. The event is happening between May 23 and the end of August in a dozen cities across the country, where downtown urban areas will be converted into a series of outdoor street rinks. You can register as a team of five and prices ranges from $30 - $50 per player. Check it out.

What a great opportunity to grab a few friends, an old hockey jersey, tennis ball and a stick and head out for a road hockey weekend road trip.

Our squad have priced out Montreal, for us a five hour drive from Toronto, which a team of five can do in one big vehicle for less than $150 in gas. For hotel, we can get two rooms at the Best Western downtown for $160 a night (booking at guarantees us the best rate). For just more than $200 a player, we can participate in a great event, stay right downtown in a great hotel and pay for gas. Just leaves food and beverage. GAME ON!

What weekend road trips are you planning for this summer?

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    By R. on May 1, 2009 7:30 PM

    Very cool idea. I could make this work.

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