How to Survive a Red Eye Flight

March 25 2010 by Amy Graff
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red-eye-flight.jpgNext week I'll be taking a red eye flight to New York from San Francisco. I'm traveling without my kids so I wanted to spend as little amount of time away from my kids as possible and so the red eye seemed like the best option. But red eyes are brutal, especially when you have to attend an event, which I do, the morning you arrive.

For some advice on how to survive my flight, I pulled some tips from various articles:

Stick a "Do not disturb" Post-It on your headrest or window. Marie Claire

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. An airplane does not have great air circulation and passengers suffer through grueling dry air. Buy a couple of water bottles once you get past security and drink plenty of water on the plane when offered by the flight attendants. Bring your favorite face and hand moisturizer and use to keep your skin hydrated. Don't forget the eye drops and lip moisturizer. eHow

While on the plane, either bring your own blanket and pillow or use the airline's, plop on an eye mask with cooling gel, and you'll be amazed at how refreshed you'll look when you arrive. StyleHive

Window seats are best for catching some sleep, as there is something to lean against. You also don't risk being woken by a neighbor clambering past to get to the toilet. Seats at the front of the plane are the quietest. The worst seats are on the back row, as often they don't recline. CNN

Reset your watch. You need to start living by your new time zone. Reset your watch before you get off the plane. In fact, I prefer to reset my watch immediately after I board the last leg of my itinerary, as arrival times are always published in the destination time zone, and I know how long to my destination if I wake up and check the time. This can permit me to grab a few extra precious minutes of sleep. Johnny Jet

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    Spell on the planer, either carry your own blanket and position or use the airline's, plop on an eye cover with cooling gel, and you'll be astonished at how refreshed you'll wait when you come

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