It's Madness I Tell You, Madness!

March 13 2010 by Mike Mason

Basketball.jpg'Tis the season for bracketing. As I write this, we are still a few days away from knowing the final field of 64 college basketball teams that will compete in the NCAA basketball tournament. But there is something in the spring air that is causing many to do their 'googling' best and search for projected brackets online anyway. Even if you don't really follow college basketball, you still feel that general office peer pressure building to get in on the action. I mean, what exactly are you going to do that week to join in the office coffee break conversation if you don't have some commentary to share on WhoKnew State's upset over SureFire University?

Before you sit down to make your 63 (actually 64 if you count the play in game) individual decisions about game winners (involving teams most of which you can't name which state they are in, let's be honest) take some time to reflect on how much fun it would be to attend some of these in person. Nothing rivals the festivity of college athletic events. So, if you are interested in some spring road trip excitement, check out the all the basketball locations below that are hosting tournament games. Now you just have to figure out how to get out of work and who is driving. Let the madness begin.

Opening Round
3/16/2010 Dayton, OH

First and Second Rounds
3/18/2010 New Orleans, LA
3/18/2010 Providence, RI
3/18/2010 San Jose, CA
3/18/2010 Oklahoma City
3/19/2010 Buffalo, NY
3/19/2010 Jacksonville, FL
3/19/2010 Milwaukee, WI
3/19/2010 Spokane, WA
3/20/2010 New Orleans, LA
3/20/2010 Providence, RI
3/20/2010 San Jose, CA
3/20/2010 Oklahoma City, OK
3/21/2010 Buffalo, NY
3/21/2010 Jacksonville, FL
3/21/2010 Milwaukee, WI
3/21/2010 Spokane, WA

Regional's (Sweet 16, Elite 8)
3/25/2010 Syracuse, NY
3/25/2010 Salt Lake City, UT
3/26/2010 St. Louis, MO
3/26/2010 Houston, TX
3/27/2010 Syracuse, NY
3/27/2010 Salt Lake City, UT
3/28/2010 St. Louis, MO
3/28/2010 Houston, TX

Final Four
4/3/2010 Indianapolis, IN

4/5/2010 Indianapolis, IN

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