The ABC's of a Great Family Hotel Experience, Part 2

March 1 2010 by Bryson Forbes
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A-B-C.jpgThis is the second part of a two part series inspired by a great pop-up book called A is for Animals by David Pelham. This blog takes letters N through Z and matches words that can help families pick the right hotel to meet their needs. Check out Part 1 for A through M.

N is for nickel. As in nickel and dime...I hate being surprised at check out by a list of items you didn't expect to be paying extra for. I include parking, Internet and local calls on this list.

O is for offers. Everyone likes a deal. Look for special offers and deals on the Web.

P is for pool. One of the things my kids look forward to most at a hotel is the pool. It's as close to a necessity nowadays as a bed.

Q is for quiet. If you're travelling with kids, you're likely going to bed early and waking up early. Make sure you're not at the party palace on prom night!

R is for rewards. My loyalty is valuable and it doesn't come cheap. A rewards program should be relevant, rewarding and realistic.

S if for service. This is the single most important factor to ensure a great experience. A hotel focused on service makes a huge difference.

T is for tub. My kids don't like to shower yet (though I'm sure in 7 years I'll be complaining they won't come out), so for now a tub in the bathroom is a key consideration.

U is for unlimited free local calls. Nothing steams me more than checking out of the room and paying $20 for 10 local calls.

V is for value. A popular word these days which is a balance between quality and price. Can you get great quality at a fair price? Absolutely.

W is for Web site. A hotel Web site should help make sure items on this list can easily be checked off. Look for virtual tours, special offers and anything else which will make your stay more enjoyable.

X if for xerography. OK, cut me some slack...this was a tough one! Xerography refers to the process of copying (hence the name Xerox). Copying services in the business centre can be a real plus. We've made photocopies of colouring pages for the kids at our hotel on several occasions.

Y is for yummy. Very important to make sure the breakfast has yummy food the kids will want to eat.

Z is for zero. Zero is a wonderful number when it's the price for Internet access, parking, continental breakfast or any other must-have amenity. Zero can save you lots of money on incidentals.

Let me know if you have any creative ideas or words that you would use to describe what you look for in a family-focused hotel.

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    By Sandy Kajiwara on March 1, 2010 1:13 PM

    Want to commend your desk clerk at the BW on Dallas St. in Houston, TX. He was very knowledgeable about restaurant locations and directions, and we appreciated his help. His name is Anish.

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