The Gift of Travel

December 11 2009 by Casey Bower
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travelasagift.jpgAs the days tick away and the holidays approach, I still have a lot of shopping to do, but for once I am not stressed. Every year I hunt for the perfect gift, and then at the last minute I panic and get something that my mom, dad, sister, or significant other really won't want/need. Not this year though. This year, I have a plan. I'm going to buy them all some travel.

Let me explain...

This summer I received one of the best gifts of my life. I had been explaining (maybe complaining a little) to my parents that I hadn't taken a vacation in quite a while. When my birthday came around, my parents gave me an envelope. I opened it and what I found inside was the most thoughtful, creative, perfect gift that I could have hoped for.

Inside was a homemade card with cut out pictures and snippets of text from the internet. My parents had taken everything that they knew about me and designed the perfect vacation package. They had picked a location for me and done all the research. There were lodging options, nearby hiking trails, a phone number for bike rentals, restaurant recommendations, maps, and an itinerary including the best time of year to visit. With all of the research they had included Best Western Travel Cards®, this way, if there was something in the itinerary that I didn't want to do, or wanted to make a change of plans in the moment, I could... They had me pegged.

For the next month I had a vacation to look forward to. Work flew by, I was giddy, and there was very little griping. Then I had a great break, chance to reset and enjoy myself, and none of the stress of the cost of it all. I now have pictures, memories, and I have kept the card that they gave me as a reminder of that gift.

So, if you are looking for a last minute gift, or if you stress like me over finding something perfect for that special someone, consider putting together a travel package for them. This can work for anyone, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, boyfriends and girlfriends. Just use what you know about their interests and do the research. Get creative, print out the images, the maps, the text and make a cool collage. With the research, include enough to cover their costs and you will be sure to receive a VERY big smile this year.

PS: One of the things that I like about the Best Western Travel Cards® is that they never expire. So, stop trying to find the perfect gift for the ones you love, create your own travel package!

** Side note, Now - December 31 2009, Best Western is offering a $10 Gift Card for every $100 Gift Card that you purchase. (These incentives are always nice)

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    By fred funston on December 17, 2009 2:07 PM

    I am traveling in the US this winter and I wish BW would make it easier to find accomodations with indoor pools

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