Where's the Fire(works)?

June 29 2009 by Mike Mason

Fireworks 200.jpgPop. Boom. Bang.

Every community, large and small, seems to have their own fireworks tradition. Some our slick, choreographed events, timed to music and others are just plain old-fashion pop and bang affairs. Either way, fireworks are fireworks and have a great way of reminding us of the joy of simple things (not trying to suggest that putting on an elaborate pyrotechnic display filled with enough explosives to do real harm if improperly executed is a simple affair, but the watching part is pretty easy). So, wherever you find yourself this July 4, take time to find a fireworks display. My guess is there is one near you. If you are looking for a big-time celebration, here are a few that will not disappoint.

New York

Everything is big in New York, why not fireworks? Brought to you compliments of Macy's http://www.ny.com/holiday/july4/, this claims to be the world's largest fireworks display. If you are in the area, there are a number of different locations you can go to get a great view. The fireworks are set-off from a number of barges on the East river and light up the Manhattan skyline. Stay at the Best Western Seaport Inn Downtown.


The Boston Pop's http://www.july4th.org/concert.htm do a 4th of July concert followed by an impressive fireworks display. If you are at the concert, great! But you can enjoy the fireworks for free even if you didn't get to catch the symphony. They do a show on July 3 and July 4, but only do the fireworks at the July 4 show. Stay at the Best Western Roundhouse Suites or Best Western Boston - The Inn at Longwood Medical.

Washington D.C. National Mall

I can't think of many events that could reach the patriotic fervor of watching a fireworks display from the National Mall on the 4th of July. The setting and ambiance can't be beat for celebrating the countries birthday. Stay at the Best Western Georgetown Hotel & Suites or Best Western Capitol Skyline Hotel.

Nashville Tennessee

This is a big, popular, music-filled celebration http://www.musiccityjuly4th.com/ every year and has been ranked as one of the top 5 pyrotechnic shows in the country. Stay nearby at Best Western Downtown Convention Center, Best Western Music Row or Best Western Suites Near Opryland.

Addison, Texas (Dallas Area)

It is called Kaboom Town http://www.addisontexas.net/events/kaboomtown/, what else is there to say? This event is happening on July 3, not July 4 so make sure you mark your calendars if you plan on attending this one. Stay at the Best Western Addison Hotel & Suites or Best Western Northwest Inn.

Where are other great firework shows are happening in your area? Let us know.

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