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June 11 2009 by Bryson Forbes
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iStock_Mountain 200.jpgAs a golfer and someone who has been closely associated with travel industry for more than a decade, I have organized, attended and read about lots of golf getaways. But last week, I attended the best mini-golf trip ever, bar none. If you are a golfer you need to rally the troops and pull one of these together.

Last Wednesday 20 guys met at Wooden Sticks in Uxbridge, ON to participate in a makeshift Ryder Cup. The event is unofficially coined the Elvis Cup and two teams of 10 play for a "trophy" which is actually a bust of Elvis!

Although this was my first time attending, the event has been around for seven years. It was started by two companies that invited 10 employees each and squared off for a three night, three round, golf event. Over the years some of the people have changed and every so often when a spot opens the team recruits a new player. This year, my neighbour put out the invite and I was in!

With everything going on these days from recession to passport issues, this was a terrific escape. It is a lot more affordable than you might think. When you have 20 players committing to three rounds each, you can get courses to fight and provide a great deal. In our case, the green fees were cut by 40 percent and six meals (two per round) were included for each player. The course likely made this back after the first bar bill.

For accommodations, look for something nearby that you can rely on and that doesn't nickel and dime you. Check for things like free parking (you will be driving back and forth from the course) and a free breakfast option (always nice to have a coffee and muffin en route to the course, especially if you are up late!!). You likely won't spend a lot of time in the room and with four to a room you can save a bundle. Let the hotel know you are on a group trip, so they can put you in a louder area and close to each other.

Lastly, get a cheesy and tacky trophy, even out the teams and have the best golf experience you likely have ever had. Playing an individual sport in a team format makes it a real blast.

Let me know - what are your best golf travel getaways?

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    By Alex Walker on June 12, 2009 7:24 AM

    great entry.

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