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June 19 2009 by Chris McGinnis
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Blog 200.jpgHave you harnessed the power of the blogosphere to make life on the road better? If you're reading this blog, you're well on your way. If you'd like to dig in a little bit deeper, check out the following blogs that I read at least once a week to keep me abreast of what's happening in the big wide world of business travel. They can help you, too.

  • Hotel Check-In by USA Today reporter Barbara De Lollis provides a running newsfeed and expert commentary on what's hot in the hotel business. Business travelers can pick up on the latest hotel openings, rate and loyalty program deals plus other interesting trends. De Lollis occasionally invites hotel chain CEOs to guest blog on her site, which they use to shine the media spotlight on their brands but also reveal some of their own personality and perspective. As a matter of fact, Best Western CEO David Kong is guest blogging on Hotel Check-In this week, which should be of special interest to readers!
  • is a Web site and blog run by hyper-connected veteran travel writer Christopher Elliott. Business travelers looking for cutting-edge travel trends and smart (sometimes snarky) commentary should tune in as often as possible to learn not only about what's happening in the travel world, but what's going to be happening next. In addition to his blog, the prolific Elliott writes for nearly every important travel publication out there, such as National Geographic Traveler,, plus the weekly "Travel Troubleshooter" column, which runs in more than 50 newspapers
  • The Middle Seat Terminal blog, penned by Wall Street Journal staffers Matt Phillips and Scott McCartney, is perfect for catching up on all the latest business travel news and trends. Of course, since this is The Wall Street Journal, the information leans toward higher-end, C-level travel (with lots of posts about business/first class travel and luxury hotels). But you'll also find plenty of posts helpful to mid-level execs who may drive more than they fly and rarely get to push back in a plush business class seat. The blog also provides a link to McCartney's widely-read Middle Seat column that runs in the Journal every Tuesday.

What blogs am I missing out on? Where do YOU get the business travel info you need most? Please leave your comments and links below.

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