Summer of Discontent? Use the Force

August 2 2008 by Mike Mason
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angry traveler.jpg  Bad news travels fast. You may have heard that with recent airline mergers, bankruptcies and the like, you probably will have to start paying more for your bags, tickets, micro-zipped saltine crackers, headphones, pillows (just make sure you have that 5 bucks handy for the oxygen mask if there is ever a sudden change in cabin pressure). For those traveling for business, this probably means longer lines, crowded flights, and dreaded delays. Welcome to summer airline travel in 2008.

In the spirit of defiant optimism, here are a few tips for business travelers in the brave new world:

  • Arrive at the airport a day will definitely be on time for your flight.
  • Fed Ex your luggage to your hotel. At least you will have reliable tracking if it gets misplaced.
  • If possible, travel with work colleagues and hold meetings on the can get a lot done in four hours waiting on the tarmac.
  • For a smooth return trip, click your heels together 3 times and repeat, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home."
  • Just be grateful you aren't the guy who had to fly to his destination in the airplane lavatory.
  • Ensure you are never asked to stop for additional security checking by using your extraordinary psychic powers. Remember Obi-Wan, "these aren't the bags you're looking for."

What other off-beat ideas do you have to beat the summer travel frenzy? Let us know.

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By Alex Walker on June 25, 2008 4:51 AM

Nice entry.

By Nathan Cryman on August 11, 2008 6:17 PM

LOL - interesting perspective. Sad, funny, true!

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