The REAL Road Warriors - Part II

August 6 2010 by Chris McGinnis
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iStock_000000615293XSmall.jpgWhile much of the media focus remains on frequent flyers, the fact of the matter is that there are a LOT more frequent drivers out there. This is especially true among Best Western's very best customers-- members of a select group called the Diamond 100 (BWD100)--who have stayed at a Best Western at least 250 nights over the last five years.

Here's some more interesting information about how BWD100 members feel about all those road trips:

BWD100 drivers play it safe--nearly 90 percent of them say they've never run out of gas on a business trip and two-thirds say they always fill up when the gas gauge reads ¼ tank or fuller. Nearly 60 percent subscribe to roadside assistance programs such as AAA, which provides tools like navigation services that can be accessed online here as well as from the mobile siteand via one of the organization's three free iPhone apps.

About a third of BWD100 members have received a speeding ticket in the last five years, with most of those saying they were exceeding the posted limit by about 10-15 mph when they got pulled over. Just over half say they cruise at about 70 mph when on a freeway with little or no traffic. Twenty percent clock in at about 80 mph on average, but another 20 percent always obey the posted speed limit.

Twenty-eight percent say they never check email or voicemail when behind the wheel, and 23 percent do so only when the car is stopped. (However, 21 percent admit they do so frequently.) Many members added that they use Bluetooth or other hands-free devices to check voicemail and take calls.

When it comes to directions, nearly twice as many BWD100 members now rely on GPS devices instead of old-fashioned maps.

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    By Destry on June 23, 2011 5:56 PM

    Real brain power on dislapy. Thanks for that answer!

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